The Chinese name for New Zealand was renamed after the employment discrimination employment situation of Beijing China torsion – overseas network on 19 September, according to New Zealand tinway network quoted stuff reports, according to a new survey, New Zealand employers are "obvious" name and accent discrimination, and discrimination of objects to Asian employees are. Massey University professor Paul Spoonley said, this office is closely related to racial discrimination. "We conducted a survey of employers, some of whom believe that migrant workers do not understand the local culture of New Zealand, especially immigrants from asia." Spoonley Paul said. Chinese business lecturer Terence King Oakland has used a Chinese name Wang Lai Ming, it is the name so that he missed the opportunity to work many times. Terence King’s resume is good, got a master’s degree in business management in the United Kingdom, and in 2000 moved to Singapore from singapore. He said that he had just arrived in New Zealand once in a week threw 5 applications for the job, but did not receive a telephone interview. Things changed when he changed his name. I believe that when I use an English name, I will find a job." King Terence says. According to the New Zealand bill of rights, employment discrimination based on race and nationality is prohibited. The act also prohibits similar acts and requires the government to monitor and investigate the occurrence of racial discrimination in the workplace. According to the data collected by the New Zealand Bureau of statistics from 2008 to 2010, about 77700 people said they had encountered racial discrimination in employment and work. The Maori, Pacific Islander descent and Asian discrimination against the most, is much higher than that of European descent. The racial discrimination at work is higher than that of non immigrant. Bureau of statistics data also show that in all the discrimination, Asians accounted for the highest.相关的主题文章: