According to a new study, an endangered species of crows is adept at using tools to make tools. A recent study by scientists in Hawaii has found that the endangered and extinct crows are good at using tools to catch insect prey with sticks. According to the daily mail of London, the crow was thought to be a symbol of death, but in fact they are one of the most intelligent animals on earth. At present, a new study shows, although Hawaii crow endangered, but still more clever than other species, they are good at using tools to capture the litter in plants and insects. For decades, another species of crow "new Scotland crow" make researchers very much puzzled, they have unique skills to use tools. Researchers from the University of St Andrews and the San Diego zoo of new Scotland crow interest, some skills they evolved is different from other species of crow. Although there are more than 40 species of crow species in nature, most species are rarely studied. The study leader, Kristen – Rutz (Christian), said: "we do not know the crow, they are likely to have more tools to use skills." The researchers noted that the new Scotland crow has a unique straight beak, and wondered whether the straight beak structure is used to hold the tool, similar to the human thumb function. While searching for the Raven’s beak features, Lutz quickly noticed the little Hawaii crow. Accompanied by the end of twentieth Century Hawaii population surge, Hawaii crow in the wild has gone extinct, researchers in the unremitting efforts, remaining in the wild Hawaii crow successfully reared in San Diego zoo, a breeding base. Study co-author Bryce – Ma Su (Bryce Masuda) said: "this year in the joint efforts of partners, we have some artificial feeding Hawaii crow in the island of Hawaii release, hoping to restore the wild number. We sometimes see they use sticks tool of artificial feeding base, but it was not too much, the researchers agreed to conduct a joint research projects, tracking and monitoring of the species how to use tools." Massouda pointed out that in 109 released in 104 crow survival were tested and found that the vast majority of Hawaii crow born to know how to use tools. The strong evidence that the use of tools is a natural behavior of the species, but not in the form of artificial feeding period "quirks". They can use the branches to capture prey successfully under difficult conditions. In many ways, Hawaii is very similar to the new Scotland crow crow, although they are similar, but they are only distantly related. Lutz stressed that their last common ancestor lived 11 million years ago, and it is safe to say that their ability to use the tools was developed independently of each other. (long compile)相关的主题文章: