Net loan "red line" to draw 13 prohibitions from WeChat public, daily economic news (ID:nbdnews) according to the packing credit statistics, as of August 22nd, the national P2P net loan platform has reached 2321, the total number of platforms (including platform) is 5092, accounting for about 46% of the platform. Yesterday (August 24th), the CBRC, the Ministry of public security, the state Internet Information Office jointly issued the "Interim Measures for the business management information network lending agency" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures"). Has been discussed for a long time, the wild child finally ushered in a formal regulation. Daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter noted that in addition to clear supervision by the CBRC and local finance office jointly responsible for the "dual responsibility system", which also clearly put forward the 13 prohibitions of net loans, equivalent to the net loan agency designated 13 can not touch the red line". 1 for themselves or disguised financing for their own financing refers to the actual control of the platform or the associated person, through the platform to raise funds, or for the development of their own businesses, or for their own investment in other social programs. For self financing, regulators have been stressed is prohibited. Prior to this, the net loan industry, including the Oriental venture capital, net win the world and other cases are involved in self financing, the funds used to control the industry, or be squandered, resulting in the loss of investors. 2 accept, directly or indirectly regulated the lender’s funds in simple terms, is that the P2P platform cannot encroach on funds. Therefore, regulators need to do the platform to fund the depository, so that the lender’s funds through the line directly to the borrower on hand. P2P platform can not do a pool of funds, funds and projects must be one correspondence. It is also stressed that the essence of the P2P platform information intermediaries, not deposit organization, can not absorb deposits, or may face the problem of illegal fund-raising. 3 to provide guarantees or commitment to protect the security interest of the loan investment is risky, investors must clearly recognize the risk of P2P industry. 4, own or entrust authorized third party outside the Internet, fixed telephone, mobile phones and other electronic channels physical location for publicity or promotion and financing project focuses on the P2P as the Internet financial nature of the Internet, not in line, the promotion and publicity activities. This one for many P2P net loan platform lethal huge. However, since last year, many platforms have reluctantly closed the line of stores. 5 loans, but otherwise provided for by the laws and regulations P2P platform is an information intermediary, can not be their own loans, can only set up the transaction, can not become a lender. 6 The term of the project can not be separated from the project is also the focus of regulators have been emphasized. Previously, investors prefer short standard, but the loan period is often relatively long, many platforms in order to allow the flow of funds and the demolition of the standard. For example, the 12 month period of the subject is split into a plurality of 3 month period, but the key problem in the beginning of the period has put out the money due for repayment of funds can only rely on raising funds to the late repayment of familiar? Ponzi scheme is also playing. Once the capital chain problems, the platform will face.相关的主题文章: