Net loan platform love investment has been questioned how to choose a reasonable investment platform Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: Feifan someone in Beacon Tower yesterday, at ten o’clock in the anonymous third party net loan platform, a direct challenge to the post exposure and love investment platform project real situation. The accusation brought a serious panic to investors. But for now, the love of investment in this regard, really looks like a compassionate card, but can not take any practical evidence to refute it. Here, just want to talk about some ideas, for their 1 investment projects in Inner Mongolia a lot of love online broke fraud suspected since the financial post because of curiosity, I have to look at its official website. After careful observation found that 4 companies to increase the registered capital in the loan before respectively by age, wealth into two industrial financing Guarantee Corporation guarantees, collateral is land or property, and 7 companies in total investment loan 200 million yuan love. (listed in a table that is convenient for everyone to see with, if interested in this friend can go to their website carefully explore what) influenced by the public opinions, love investment will be fully questioned the project information and collateral information, and payment vouchers released. I said, it can not be related to the platform of corporate borrowing, borrowing and other issues of the enterprise to increase the capital to explain? Melon people say there is no solution… 2, love investment yesterday afternoon the official response is given, all projects they released are the relevant cooperation mechanism and audit the loan risk control team enterprise information and implementation of relevant procedures, truthfully posted on the platform. I do not know if this is not too much, I think, although the investment statement issued a statement that the project does not have money pool. But on the risk control, the project whether there is a problem, whether related party transactions, the large amount of the amount of why surprisingly consistent, why do not have the same problem in the same location of the lending companies have given a positive response. (a heart investors hanging ah) actually involved in the financial industry circle of people (whether business owners or ordinary investors) are to understand a truth: what shaken the confidence of users once the platform broke the news, a badly frightened person! To listen to the wind is rain! It is very easy to cause the enterprise unable to get up after a fall. 3, talk about their products, then we talk about "people" after the community net loan eye in users broke the news, love investment corporate change again for employee turnover. Even the legal person has changed? I puzzled, I did not imagine the scene. What’s going on? For everyone to sort out in March 23, 2015, an investment and Finance (Beijing) Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. Liu Bo changed from Zhao Chunxia to the company, the resignation of Mr. Liu Bo. August 18, 2016, an investment and Finance (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. Zhao Chunxia changed to Cui Chunguang. Legal person theory相关的主题文章: