Net exposure Zhengzhou university instructors "corporal punishment" students can boast beautiful legs – Sohu news reporters found that impunity, which happened in the school of finance Henan Cultural Road Campus, the school instructors hired a Educational Consultants India Ltd staff in Zhengzhou. Currently, the instructor has been hired by the company dismissed. Net exposure: students praise instructors legs, boast a good free of corporal punishment in September 20th, entitled "Zhengzhou University of military training instructors’ abnormal corporal punishment" students "posts in the online crazy. At 14:15 on September 19th, the post on the Internet, as at 14:15 on the 20, the post has been forwarded to the 176, the 874 comments, in addition, the participation of the people at the point of praise interaction. The Post said, "according to friends broke the news: Zhengzhou university instructors, said, want to see the students suffer, let students climb trees, female students wearing shorts was sent on the ground, said the girls’ splits, comes to pick up", requiring female students with their WeChat, ask students to describe his leg with a beautiful language good, praise can avoid punishment, boast not good direct corporal punishment also beat the students". In addition, the post is also equipped with posts and friends chat screenshot. In the end what is the matter, 20, the reporter contacted the students who claimed to have been the corporal punishment of students over the past 2. One of the female students Liu Hong (a pseudonym), said she was the Henan Institute of Finance and economics 3+2 Secondary Vocational College Accounting Department of a freshman, the Department of a total of 13 classes, the school has been in the school district culture road. Liu Hong said that in September 9th they began military training, the campus has 1 master instructors, the first line of military training instructors in the first, as long as the military instructors in the field of military training, a word of corporal punishment on students, almost every day, 9". General in the military training period in the evening, school military training mainly arranged lage or do the game, but once some female students wearing shorts, total instructors on penalty they roll on the floor, gave them the nickname "Pan Jinlian"; the girl with her hair loose and was the chief instructor said "to pick up". "My friends have a psychological shadow, did not dare to wear shorts and loose hair." Liu Hong said. In addition, another student Zhao Peng (a pseudonym) show a few screenshots of a WeChat group to reporters, a man wearing a uniform picture a screenshot of a piece of his own thigh pictures, then said, "you can use the beautiful language to describe my legs?", another. And the man said, "there were 16 comments, 16 times 5 is you squat posture time tomorrow, 80 minutes." Zhao Peng said that the man is the chief instructor, he let everyone boast his legs, boast well can be exempt from corporal punishment, boast bad direct corporal punishment. Response: the military training instructors personal problems, improper said Liu Hong, chief instructor of temper, often with the dirty mouth to scold the student, motionless say students are stupid?, as long as he is in a bad mood, began to corporal punishment on students, which is the largest penalty students running and practice squatting, every time is half an hour to 1 hours. These facts are true, 20, the reporter linked to the Henan Institute of Finance and economics, deputy director of the school of culture road management office, Mr. Gao said that the campus has indeed occurred above the incident, the chief instructor is not present)相关的主题文章: