Nearly a year of domestic super million computer was the most serious hacker attacks outside Beijing – Sohu News reported [global network technology] for nearly a year, some domestic and foreign hackers launched Internet attacks, at least in China more than million computer attacks over 31 provincial administrative regions throughout the country, including Beijing Guangdong is the hardest hit, the government, education and scientific research institutions is the focus of attack area. This conclusion is composed of 360 companies in the period from December 1, 2014 to November 30, 2015 in the laboratory of continuous monitoring of the. According to eye laboratory monitoring, China is a victim of Internet advanced persistent threat attack. At the end of November 2015, domestic and foreign hackers to monitor the eye Laboratory for scientific research institutions, government agencies and other organizations within the territory of China totaled 29 units to attack, attack the organization for China territory can be traced back to 2007, in just the past 12 months, the attack on at least the impact of China’s more than 10000 computer. Monitoring shows that the domestic affected by the volume of the top five provinces are Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian; launched in the scientific research and educational institutions, the largest number of attacks, accounted for 37.4% of the total of all attacks, followed by government agencies, accounting for 27.8%, the other is the focus of attack field also includes military systems, industrial systems, business system, space system and traffic system. According to the 360 Enterprise Security Group CEO Wu Yunkun said that the main purpose is to steal information hackers data object inside the machine, once the attack is successful, will first collect the basic information related to the target machine, will steal a lot of sensitive data on the target machine, if the horizontal moving effect, is sensitive to data theft target network of other machines. In addition to the traditional computer platform, the current attacks on mobile platforms show rapid growth. Monitoring found that the typical attack mode is through the computer infected Android mobile phone, the stolen information mainly includes recording, photos, call records, address book, SMS, SD card files, geographic information, etc..

近一年国内超万台电脑遭境外黑客攻击 北京最严重-搜狐新闻  【环球网科技综合报道】近一年中,一些境内外黑客组织发动的互联网攻击行动,至少影响我国境内超过万台电脑,攻击范围遍布全国31个省级行政区,其中北京、广东是重灾区,教育科研、政府机构是重点攻击领域。   这一结论是由360公司天眼实验室在2014年12月1日至2015年11月30日期间持续监测所得出。据天眼实验室监测表明,我国是互联网高级持续性威胁攻击的受害国。   截至2015年11月底,天眼实验室所监测到的针对我国境内科研机构、政府机构等组织单位发动攻击的境内外黑客组织累计达到29个,这些组织针对中国境内的攻击最早可以追溯到2007年,仅仅过去的12个月中,攻击行动就至少影响我国超过万台电脑。   监测显示,国内受影响量排名前五的省市是北京、广东、浙江、江苏、福建;针对科研教育机构发起的攻击次数最多,占到所有攻击总量的37.4%,其次是政府机构,占27.8%,其它被攻击的重点领域还包括军事系统、工业系统、商业系统、航天系统和交通系统等。   据360企业安全集团总裁吴云坤说,黑客组织主要目的是窃取目标机器内的情报数据,一旦攻击获得成功,首先会收集目标机器相关基本信息,会进一步大量窃取目标机器上的敏感数据,如果横向移动达到效果,则是窃取目标网络其他机器的敏感数据。   除针对传统电脑平台,当前针对移动平台的攻击呈现快速增长态势。监测发现,比较典型的攻击方式是通过电脑感染安卓手机,窃取的信息主要包括录音、照片、通话记录、通讯录、短信、SD卡文件、地理位置信息等。相关的主题文章: