Guoan will take nearly 5 round league away victory in the first 3 minutes is a good mid autumn festival gift Guoan beat Liaozu Legal Evening News (reporter   Xu Bangyin) received 3 points in the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival gift, national rankings, has basically come ashore". Last night, the Super League had a game in hand, Beijing Guoan away with two goals Yilmaz, 2 to 0 victory over Liaoning hongyun. This is the first round of the national security League in the 5 round, Yilmaz has gradually recovered state, the 4 round of the League scored a goal of 5. Today, the team will return to Beijing, away from the back of the 3 points is an excellent Mid Autumn Festival gift. The 3 points won’t be difficult for the national security team, this is a hard won score of 3 minutes, until the game for seventy-seventh minutes, the team broke the deadlock by Yilmaz’s penalty kick. Subsequently, the Turkey striker done in one vigorous effort to gain another victory, will help the team to score in 2 than 0. When do the game, Guoan coach team leader Xie Feng said the team there is certainly a place in the game, there are defective, but all in all, 3 points away from the road is not easy. "The first 40 minutes, the team played well, but also created some opportunities, but unfortunately the lack of ability to grasp the opportunity in front of the first half, after two or three minutes of James against some slack. The second half of the opening, we are not very good in the midfield control, the situation changed after Augusto. Zhang Chengdong did the two games on the right for each other to form a great threat, we have a threat to pass from the right are initiated, he helped the team a very large. It’s not easy to win the game at home, at least we’re out of the back." Xie Feng said. The game finished, Guoan team accumulated 32 points, ranking rose to seventh in the table temporarily. The next 3 games to grab points and Liaoning Guoan before the game the same points, the two teams are very eager to get 3 points to help me as soon as possible to complete the relegation task. "The overall defense of the state limits our offense, and that’s the way football is played. Two foreign aid striker we want to score, to win, to lay the foundation for our relegation, players are so, individual sessions play is not very ideal is normal." In Ma Lin’s view, perhaps is to win and relegation eager team insane. For the national team, points to 32 points, which can be said to be a "Shore" free, "32 points should not be insurance mark, I once said, the score is 33 points to avoid relegation, but won the game really is very good for us, we will try to get the three main field and try to improve the position." This Sunday, the Yongchang Guoan home court against Shijiazhuang, next week, the team will also have two home court game against Yanbian Luneng and Shandong Fude respectively. September two away game is over, the remaining three games are home, for the national security team, this is the best time to grab points. Related links AFC Champions League out Luneng head up last night, AFC Champions League 14 League final second leg contest continues, Shandong Luneng home court 1.相关的主题文章: