The exam enrollment break million mark in Shanghai relatively stable position for the original title: 2017 national examination enrollment break million mark today for the 2017 "test" the last day of registration, public education in 16 as of yesterday statistics: in 2017 the national examination registration audit by the 1021833 people, breaking the million mark, and more than 1 million 10 thousand last year. Currently the hottest jobs still to the NLD central office reception director and the following position, competitive ratio has reached 7555:1. "Lengrebujun" trend more serious from 2012 to 2016, the hottest jobs peak appeared in 2013 Chongqing National Bureau of Investigation Corps 9411:1 position, close to the "one in a million". The hottest position has now reached 7555:1, this is 2013 after another "peak", but due to the enrollment and today a day in 2017, the "test" is the hottest position to hit a new high since 2012, people will wait and see. 4 a number of candidates positions exceeded 2000 mark compared to last year, only 3 jobs, but 1261:1 enrollment in the hottest positions 7555:1 and ranked second compared to the gap, which fully exposed, in 2017 the "test" "Lengrebujun" trend is more serious. 380 jobs no applicants, there are still 380 job applicants have not broken zero, accounting for 2.4% of the total number of jobs, 34 jobs Zhaolu number in more than 2 people, for some positions near the end, heat is also very large. Expert analysis, although from a single day of growth, for the first two days for the weekend, with 22 and 23 days of registration for the weekend is basically the same, but because the two days before the registration of candidates in high spirits, daily growth momentum is fierce, then from 18 to 21, in 2017 the national examination report on the increase in the number list is higher than the previous three years, over the weekend over the trial registration number over the previous three years of decline compared to the same period, this may be the reason again last weekend, a lot of candidates have completed the registration, on the other hand, some units may also slow down the audit, not through the examination of the candidates can pay close attention to their own dynamic audit today. Therefore, today as the last day of registration is likely to occur blowout. According to the statistics, the position of the position in Shanghai through the audit of the total number of 22164 people, a total of 9 positions no one through the audit of Shanghai. Through the examination of the largest number of the top three departments are: Shanghai Municipal State Taxation Bureau, Shanghai customs, Shanghai frontier inspection station, three departments of the total number of 15821 people through the audit, through the audit of 71.4% accounted for the total number of. Shanghai customs inspection audit office to become the highest proportion of job competition, recruiting 5 people, the number of 1706 people, the competitive ratio is 341.2:1. The number of applicants through the first ten of the audit is mainly concentrated in the Shanghai customs, Shanghai border exit inspection station, Shanghai Railway Public Security Bureau and other departments. Experts at the last minute to remind the special want to participate in the 2017 national exam candidates: time is not enough, the registration must pay close attention to today’s 18:00, apply for相关的主题文章: