Nanning black intermediary can "lightning" do "magic" – the police license plate with Beijing, Beijing, September 26 Nanning Xinhua (reporter Wang Gang) people do not appear, the car is not present, only 500 yuan, the intermediary can help reclaim a car license plate in a few days. Many people take the regular channels of Nanning people are waiting for a few months or more, it can not get the license plate. The evening of September 25th, Nanning TV politics live, as a political party on behalf of the Nanning traffic police detachment vice captains Luo Yixue, in the frequency of these intermediary "under the watchful eyes of the people with supernatural powers". The evening of September 25th, Nanning TV live broadcast, the staff launched a new electric bicycle, so that the traffic police to identify the authenticity of the license plate. After a traffic police and traffic police deputy commander of the serious identification, and ultimately come to the true license plate conclusion. The moderator, in September this year, the TV crew had wanted to make an appointment to learn through formal channels on the card, but found the telephone booking simply can not get through, APP will not sign on the mobile phone reservation. After one point, the staff spent 500 yuan, got the license within 4 working days after the. In this process, he did not set foot department half step. In Nanning, as everyone knows the electric bicycle appointment registration difficult problem. In accordance with the relevant provisions, to telephone or mobile phone APP appointment before learning the electric car brand, after the success of the owner himself to learn, finally is the vehicle to take pictures and personally to licensing. In fact, many people all through the night the phone has not scored, non-stop login APP can not login. According to the Nanning mayor’s hotline statistics, from January to mid September, the electric car brand a total of 1074 complaints. Many people reflect the efforts of a few months to be lucky enough to get an appointment is prohibitively difficult. And all this, in front of the intermediary, easy. Nanning traffic police detachment vice captains Luo Yixue, do not play into the phone, not on APP, because there are a lot of "cattle" malicious looting by malicious dialing software, malicious software and other means to brush, there had been 960 calls into a night wantong. To this end, the police also arrested 10 illegal intermediaries in August. After reading "spent 500 yuan a few days to the video card" after the show, Luo Yixue said: "the 98 man" is really powerful, it can actually do it, especially in the future, the car is not to "," like so much "98 guys". I am very rare." Luo Yixue said that the disabled, the military channel, I do not have to personally handle, and perhaps black intermediary is achieved through this loophole. This also shows that the rules and regulations of our management is not in place, we do not have to do so firmly." Luo Yixue said, after he will investigate, to see whether the internal staff involved, and will strengthen the control of personnel, improve and perfect the system of measures, so that people no longer need these 98. "". (end)相关的主题文章: