The latest version of Namie Amuro’s vocals "death note" Namie Amuro and Ryuku Tencent entertainment news (Wen Dongqi) according to the latest Japanese media reports, the 38 year old Japanese female singer Namie Amuro, identified as the new large diffuse change "death note Light up the NEW world" sang the theme song and the episode. The movie "death note" series in the past because want to use the theme song for the world power, so invited a number of globally famous singer sang the theme song, such as the Red hot chill pepper band, the most prominent contemporary rock singer Lenny Kravitz. The producer Misaki Sato Takahiro said: there is no need to use the strength of overseas artists. Invited the representative of the Japanese singer, there is a real sense of Japan’s departure to the world, including the meaning, so invited the Japanese pop queen Namie Amuro." And the movie itself in the world outlook and the theme of sympathetic Namie Amuro immediately agreed to offer, and is not only responsible for the film’s theme song, also singing in the episode. The theme song "Dear Diary" is the concept of the film "Light up the NEW: World", according to the world with love and faith, then grief will change because of the strong love of power, is a true love Frank description. Listened to the song director Misaki Sato Nobusuke said: "by using the death note to kill Kira a lot of time over the past ten years, with the modern stage, the description of the world after the film, the dark dominated by modern characteristic. However, Namie Amuro’s song gave the film a new force, the battle between human compatriots in the ongoing. In a world full of killing, this song is like a ray of light that opens the door to redemption." Toshi Masada also said: "in a word, this is the best theme song." Producer Misaki Sato Takahiro said, "Namie Amuro’s songs with more and more challenges as the goal, and also seriously honest attitude to the new challenges of high integration, can complete the most beautiful works that entertainment spirit is full of exciting and interesting and full of touching." In addition to the theme song, Namie Amuro also brought the film in the episode "Fighter" for the film, the song to a strong "no matter how critical whether the sacrifice, love for you adhere to this belief, is a" warrior "song. Ten years ago the "death note" actress MISA (Erika Toda ornaments) perspective, is a dance. Namie Amuro said: "this is a completely different two song, no matter what the capital and my faith through, I will to integrate into their own ideas to sing." Two songs have been identified in the form of two hit singles, before the more open photo of Namie Amuro and Liu g of death. The movie "death note Light up NEW world" will be released on October 29th. Mobile phone news client Tencent new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, the original Hollywood electric!相关的主题文章: