Naked college girls fall dead has repeatedly said the message for you to spare me the Changshu Polytechnic naked girls fall death scene. A "Changshu polytechnic school’s home sticky statement". Original title: naked college girls fall dead alive: please let me repeat the message Chinese youth network October 28 Beijing Xinhua (reporter intern reporter Zhao Ming Zhao Jiaqi) the morning of October 21st, Changshu Institute Of Technology, a naked girls falls dead, the Changshu police ruled out homicide. The family told the girl falls China youth network reporter, monitoring shows that the girl is in a downstairs naked, naked and falls into the teaching building. Girls in the QQ space repeatedly message "please let me go". In this regard, an article entitled "a mother’s monologue: daughter to my death grief! I was so angry at school!" Posts on the network caused shock. Post description, October 21, 2016 morning, a woman in East Lake campus of Changshu Institute Of Technology, "Wen Lou" naked jumping fall dead. The reporters found that the naked woman repeatedly fell dead in the QQ space message "please let me go". The day of the incident at 1:23 PM, Changshu police announced that: after investigation, the deceased was initially identified as high-altitude death, ruled out homicide. Specific circumstances in further investigation. The fifth day of the incident, Changshu Institute Of Technology in response to the "naked girls fall dead in the Baidu Post Bar suspected. The school statement said, after the conclusion of the event will assist the families to complete the aftermath". Chinese youth network reporter in October 26th, 27 consecutive days at Changshu Institute Of Technology, understand the girls in his lifetime is falls under pressure, and whether the damage to rights and interests. The university refused to respond to this. Source: China Youth Network Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: