Musk to recruit 1 million people emigrating to Mars to prepare data figure: Sacrifice: American technology madman, billionaire Elon Musk · original title: U.S. billionaire to recruit 1 million people emigrating to Mars: "to prepare for death" of American science and technology madman, Yi Wanfu Weng · eilon Musker (pictured above); 27 in Mexico Guadalajara international aerospace the General Assembly announced the "Mars immigration plan", to build a self-sufficient human city in the star 225 million kilometers from the earth planet. Mask is president of space exploration technologies (SpaceX), a company dedicated to satellite launches and other aviation operations. He said, SpaceX has begun preparations for the "Mars", just two days before the rocket engine "Raptor" for ignition test, this system is expected to carry humans to the moons of Jupiter or distant planet. SpaceX intends to launch in 2018 "red dragon" unmanned space capsule, landing, landing on the Martian surface test. Musk hopes that humans can go to Mars in 2024. In addition, Mask also plans to recruit 1 million Mars immigrants, but this can not guarantee the same "fraught with grim possibilities, space exploration technology company signed an agreement of the people to survive," be ready to die". On the "Mars immigrants" fare, musk hopes the price fell to $100 thousand.相关的主题文章: