The movie box office fraud illegal income over 500 thousand times penalty according to the original title: film industry promotion law draft three trial according to the penalty box office fraud times Beijing News News (reporter Wang Shu) today, the National People’s Congress three trial film industry promotion law draft three reviewers, increased the punishment of fraud at the box office specified, box office fraud can be 50 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan fine; if the illegal income of more than 500 thousand yuan, is punishable by more than five times the illegal income imposed. "The box office fraud" and "steal the box office" is regarded as one of the film industry cancer. The film industry promotion law, a reviewer for the box set fraud penalties if the cinema evasion concealed box office, not truthfully statistics of sales income, a fine of 50 thousand yuan and 500 thousand yuan; if the circumstances are serious, shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification; if the circumstances are especially serious, revoke the license. Two reviewers maintained the above provisions. However, since the first instance, some members of the NPC Standing Committee has repeatedly pointed out that the current provisions of the punishment is not enough, should be linked to the amount of the amount of fraud and fraud, the implementation of the penalty by the times. Three reviewers of the adoption of this proposal, increasing regulations, not truthfully statistics film sales income or not accurate statistical data provided by the correction by the film department in charge of government at or above the county level shall order at fifty thousand yuan to five hundred thousand yuan fine; the illegal income of more than five hundred thousand yuan, at more than five times the illegal income below fine." Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: