More than 18 inch wheels and X-Trail Daquan department as the Acura RLX 80 thousand – Sohu Shuai car is domestic models, volume and sales are rapidly rising steadily, is to cover the joint venture car trend, and almost every car are very attractive, and the joint venture vehicle just only the new car is also affected by people pay attention to know, two years ago, the domestic car is very unpopular, but only in the budget is not sufficient under the circumstances forced to consider, when prices are not completely domestic models and joint venture model standard, because indeed spell but now, however, it is not because of domestic cars do better to sell the price is still more expensive, the price level is abruptly forced joint car prices, this is indeed a good phenomenon. In addition to the price and the overall level of domestic car is the most attractive, is still the exterior and interior design, and divided into two factions, one is the classical models to the design of the new route, or directly please well-known foreign team to help, there are a lot of the success of the car, for example, GS4 DX7, Southeast bullyear are examples of success, and another is by the Thai people, companies such as starring Landwind imitation show, although this practice is controversial, but the law is allowed, and the buyer does not matter, both consumers and manufacturers. Well, not disturb others too much. Of course, there are two kinds of the existing reference be made one, but also original. But speaking of mimicry, the model prototype mainly comes mostly from the English Department of Land Rover, Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, German, Japanese cars although in the early years referred more, such as BYD S6 and so on, but now basically disappeared, leaving only a few X80 cars, but recently the release of a car, but again like Japanese high-end line, he is the Gold Cup appearance Aziz pedicle is estimated, we know who he is imitation, but in the tail and sideways lines such as part of or to make some adjustments, the tail of the body looks more than MDX hale, top design there are also much difference, but in fact, these are not the focus, but after seeing this design carefully, we think this is a coup. Because of the high Fanglu compared to tiger, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi models, he is more unique, and for his old face users, still there are a lot of people don’t know this Acura, makes they mistakenly think that this is an original model, if without any emotional words, appearance the identification of it is very high, texture and design is also very good, can give tired of seeing German design users very strong freshness, after all the usual on the road, this design does not see a few times. But into the car, feeling not so good, mainly because of this design is to let a person not to mention the spirit, although not so ugly, but the other is same, can not give people any fresh feeling, but his use of materials and workmanship are fairly good, the overall feeling was fairly good. According to the location of Jinbei brand, be sure to hang this logo相关的主题文章: