Movies-TV Billy the Exterminator In this funny family docusoap about the zaniest pest removal .pany on the planet, A&E joins Billy Bretherton and his family members as they are called to take care of Louisiana’s worst pest problems. And it’s a big business in the swamp-like state of Louisiana. Although there are numerous other pest control .panies in the state, Vexcon is the only team that handles all types of animal removal. From tiny ants to giant snakes, Billy and his team have seen everything. Keeping it in the family, Billy The Exterminator runs Vexcon with the help of his brother Rick, who he describes as "just as crazy as me," his droll father Bill Sr., his sassy Mom Donnie, who runs the offices, and his beloved wife Mary. A former US Air Force Sergeant, and a 15-year pest management industry veteran, Billy has taken a militaristic approach to pest control – and is emerging a victor. Cold Case Files Murders go unsolved. Killers slip through the cracks. With the passage of time, families lose hope and another unsolved homicide file settles into obscurity. The pattern is familiar, but changing – thanks to the efforts of a special breed of detectives. Cold Case Files tells the story of their work. These detectives are experts in the science of crime detection. They blow the dust off old homicide files, walk down the corridors of time, and set out on the hunt for a killer – a killer who thinks the search is off. Using new technology and old-fashioned police work, their methods offer a study in patience and perseverance. Cold Case Files takes you on a journey, step by step, through the methods used to catch the culprit. The series examines each piece of forensic evidence, each witness, each possible lead, and each turn in the road that ultimately leads detectives to their killer. Cold Case Files is a pioneer in the nonfiction forensics genre. Episodes have been universally hailed by law enforcement agencies across the country and are regularly used as models for investigative technique in training seminars. Crime 360 A&Es highly rated justice series, Crime 360, returns for its second season with more cities, great detectives and challenging new cases. This innovative real-life investigative series continues to re-invent the genre by .bining cutting-edge technology and high-end CGI (.puter generated imagery), with present-tense investigations, a .pletely unique way to experience the cases as they unfold. Crime 360 is the perfect blend of technology and real-time suspense, as viewers see forensics and evidence in a way they never have before. Go inside the investigation as theories and evidence are brought to life through fantastic CGI visualizations, state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning and 360-degree digital photography. In each episode, A&E follows a case from start to finish. From the moment detectives are called to the scene, viewers are part of the action, experiencing the crime scene from every angle, and the evidence at the microscopic level. As the case develops, and the theories change, the graphics evolve, culminating in a full-blown visualization of what really happened. New cities include Cleveland OH, Rochester NY, Indianapolis IN, Little Rock AR. By: Francis David About the Author: 相关的主题文章: