Modern Mid Autumn Festival – a big wave classic vintage car infested car Sohu to reproduce the classic, the blessing of the fans! In the traditional Mid Autumn Festival approaching, with a retro vintage car exhibition, to the Mid Autumn Festival has become more fashionable. The evening of September 14, 2016, the classic vintage car night staged in Beijing Olympic Forest Park, the third session of the international China vintage car exhibition officially opened the curtain. The vintage car event sponsored by Sina, Beijing traffic radio FM103.9, Beijing Dingxin constant vehicle testing services limited, No. nine by the garage and the old car will partner with. In the exhibition not only has the classic vintage car exhibition, more rich content to meet the fans brought a full and unforgettable modern mid autumn festival. The show has been the master of the third, from the first session of the golden age, to the second of the mood for love to this session of the modern pick up, it has been more and more people’s attention. When does the audience open night, even the fans come to participate in the special way. The exhibition area of over 30 thousand square meters, gathered hundreds of cars classic vintage car models, including Elvis Presley with Cadillac, 2CV, the rocket ambulance version of the public T1, the only Ford Model T Hot Rod Ghia Khaman, the most beautiful mass sports car, the only Group B Lancia WRC rally chariot. The famous German brand Bao Wo classic cars, Toyoda Kamimizu also runs through the history of the scene, brought a car culture feast for the fans. The automobile industry after hundreds of years, the birth of many classic models, which witnessed the time of vintage car, is a living fossil of the automobile industry and the precious wealth, inheritance and development on behalf of the automobile design and a variety of practical technology. They are also an important carrier of automobile culture, bearing the fashion trend of different times, people have been placed in a variety of beautiful feelings, with unparalleled charm. In the exhibition site, a car classic vintage car stands quietly, silently telling those stories, awesome. Behind every car, is a classic and legend. The witness of history, tells the classic vintage car, with its unique value interpretation of the development of automobile industry and carrying the brand of the times. Together with the review of the vicissitudes of life and glory, the experience of the car brought us the glory and dream…… in the retro night, in the quiet display, but also a vivid statement. Classic car owners for the guests about the story of their own and Wal Mart, touched the presence of many people. Vice chairman of the German Bremen volant vintage car owners club Marion Ms. Kayser, on behalf of Bao Wo owners vintage car speeches, and commemorative gifts to treasure the profound development of leading wal car donation, in the China Bao Wo car expected. In the September 15-16 day public day event, the master show will also be held retro cycling, micro-blog photography contest and the best costume selection activities. At the same time, the the Imperial Palace Taobao store, creative Wenwan angry birds, a few words of reality and the book of some.相关的主题文章: