The Ministry of Education: to ensure the full payment of postgraduate state grants Beijing News (reporter Sha Lu) recently, many universities are to graduate National Scholarship "shrink", from the year of July and August grants have not been paid. In this regard, the Ministry of education reply Beijing News reporter, said the matter was due to some of the problems caused by the operation of the school sector. In order to urge the relevant universities for rectification, the Ministry of education has issued directly under the University, required to ensure the full payment of state grants, at some universities have been reissued in place. Some schools in the operation of the issue of the release link recently, Nanjing University, a number of students posting said, according to the provisions of the school, graduate students per student per month issued 500 yuan national grants, $6000 per year. But the graduate school graduate student financial aid only sent to June, in July and in August a total of 1000 yuan grants were not issued. Renmin University of China and other schools have a similar situation. In this regard, the Ministry of Education said that the relevant state policy on graduate students is clear. This is due to some of the problems caused by the operation of the school sector, does not involve policy adjustments. In order to urge the rectification of the relevant universities and colleges, and further standardize the graduate student grants, yesterday, I have issued a document directly under the university." The Ministry of education requires that all colleges and universities must strictly enforce the national policy, improve graduate student grants to ensure that the full payment, the implementation of the problems to be properly handled in a timely manner. The Ministry of Education said in the notice, all colleges and universities should conscientiously implement the "Ministry of finance, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of education on the spirit of improving graduate education investment mechanism opinions" file, perfect graduate student payment way, ensure the plan within the full-time doctoral graduate funding criteria of not less than 10000 yuan per student per year, funded the standard of graduate students is not less than 6000 yuan per student per year, the problems in the implementation, to deal with, timely and properly eliminate the effects of maintaining the stability of the school. BFSU: start the National Graduate grants verification is Beijing Foreign Studies University had been exposed in the media of "one of the state grants have shrunk in size". Yesterday, the school propaganda department, said the school has started graduate student grants issued by the verification work, to protect the 2015, in 2016 the graduate student grants in full. In addition, since 2017, graduating students will receive a one-time school grants in June 3 months of national grants. Renmin University of China in 26 to 2015 and in 2016 master’s graduates issued national grants of $1000, the current work has not yet concluded. Nanjing University also launched the replacement work. The 27 official website issued a notice that, adjust the master state grants issued to state grants to adjust the graduating class graduate students 600 yuan per month; at the same time, for 2015 and 2016 graduating graduate state grants 1000 yuan per person. Nanjing University, more than half of the students reflect the national grants shrink"相关的主题文章: