Millet 5S force ultrasonic fingerprint identification has been identified! Previously, IHS Technology China research director Wang Yang king @Kevin’s diary claimed that: "the supply chain, millet 5S using ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology, Qualcomm, the sensor hidden in the glass below, not inside the glass cover on the mobile phone. This is the industry’s first Under Glass fingerprint recognition phone." Actually, millet 5S will be equipped with black technology. And now, millet employees Zang Zhiyuan also reply to friends on micro-blog, millet 5S hidden fingerprint recognition function has been identified. This means that millet 5 will eventually become the world’s first Under Glass fingerprint recognition design of the phone. But in this way, millet 5S will retain the entity Home key becomes a big problem. If you keep the words, while carrying ultrasonic fingerprints at the same time, the entity Home key appears to be redundant, if the direct cancellation may cause discomfort to the user. But according to the market development, the future of fingerprint identification function will become more and more advanced, ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology, the glass panel under the integrated fingerprint identification function will not only be the millet, is also very likely to occur in iPhone 8.相关的主题文章: