Nine disabled workers, pay only four thousand mediation agreement is unfair should withdraw – Beijing – reporter Ma Chao newspaper correspondent Gu Jianbing Li Hui Yang construction workers in construction when he saw the left thumb injury, the construction company signed a one-time compensation of 4000 yuan of the mediation agreement. After the event, Yang was identified as work-related injuries and assessed as nine disabled workers, labor arbitration authorities ruled that construction companies need to pay Yang work-related injury insurance treatment of $146 thousand. The construction company refuses to accept the arbitration result, yang to court, requesting an order according to their original signed mediation agreement to fulfill their obligations. Recently, the case by the court after the trial, the decision to withdraw the mediation agreement, the construction company shall pay work-related injury insurance benefits related to yang. In January 4, 2014, the 44 year old Yang in a construction company in Jiangsu Province, Nantong City, Tongzhou District construction of a construction site when he saw the left thumb injury, the day was sent to the Hospital Affiliated to Nantong University hospital treatment, about half a month after doctors advised a rest of two months. After Yang before the arrival of the unit of work units, Yang paid 16 thousand yuan for medical expenses. After a lapse of a year, the two sides signed a conciliation agreement, agreed to a one-time unit further compensation of 4000 yuan, but Yang must voluntarily give up the work-related injury and disability identification shall not request for the accident of any compensation or subsidy requirements. But after the signing of the agreement, Yang did not provide its bank card number, the unit failed to pay the agreement 4000 yuan. February 2015, Yang apply for work-related injuries identified, was identified as work-related injuries. After that, the Nantong Municipal Commission for the identification of the ability to work and make the ability to work, Yang for work-related injury nine disabled. In May 8th of the same year, Yang sent a resignation to the construction company, and request payment of work-related injury insurance benefits. Construction company after receipt of the message, but has not made a reply. To this end, Yang apply for arbitration, labor and personnel dispute arbitration committee ruled Yang and construction company in May 8, 2015 to terminate the labor relations, construction companies need to pay 146 thousand yuan of work-related injury insurance. The construction company refused to accept the arbitration results, that the two sides involved in the accident have been documented a mediation agreement after a year, the agreement is binding on both sides, Yang was not entitled to work injury insurance benefits, then Tongzhou District to Nantong City People’s court proceedings, request for compensation in accordance with the agreement. Court of first instance that the construction company did not apply for work-related injury insurance yang. Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of the "industrial injury insurance regulations" and "Jiangsu province implementation of the" industrial injury insurance regulations, "the provisions of the payment of work-related injury insurance. The book is a mediation agreement signed by both parties in Yang injured without the labor administrative departments and assess the level of disability injury cases signed agreement, and the compensation for work-related injury insurance benefits was significantly lower than the statutory standard, so the construction company should make up the difference. After comprehensive calculation, the court of first instance to the construction company to pay a total of 146 thousand Yuan Yang work-related injury insurance. Construction company refused to appeal to the court of second instance. Nantong City Intermediate People’s court rejected the appeal and upheld. The mediation agreement shall be revoked.相关的主题文章: