Microsoft talk about the difference between Xbox and PS4Pro Scorpio genuine 4K dispute! Microsoft Scorpio host and SONY PS4 Pro currently on Microsoft and SONY is about to launch an upgraded version of the host can really support the game native 4K screen, has become a hot topic at the moment. Recently, Microsoft Xbox Department of product planning director Albert Penello in an interview with foreign media Eurogamer, on which to express their views. Microsoft Xbox product planning director Albert Penello in an interview, he said: I think they (SONY) in the consumer advocacy 4K has given a lot of warning. They (propaganda) referred to the "chessboard rendering" (editor’s note: This is a rendering technology to put a portion of the picture dispersed into the corresponding rendering quality, without rendering part is added in the follow-up of Technology) and resolution spread etc.. They have a lot of publicity in 4K star standard, this is a very interesting thing, because we are in the design of the Scorpio configuration, we knew what we wanted to make the game developers use XboxOne engine to render a native, real 4K." Do you have a 4K TV set? "…… And that’s why we have this kind of memory bandwidth, so why do we choose to do so on a floating – point operation. Editor’s note: PS4 Pro has 4 trillion and 200 billion floating point operations, Xbox Scorpio for the first time in the past few years (now that it is not uniform, but it is between 6 and 6.2). At the same time, the current GTX 1070 has a floating-point operation, GTX 1080 has a floating-point operation of the 9 trillion floating-point computing ability to determine the output capacity of the screen, Albert Penello explained in an interview further. Microsoft Scorpio host will be launched at the end of 2017 after the interview, Eurogamer further questions whether the Albert Penello hinted at SONY PS4 Pro propaganda misleading. He said, "I can actually say that if you go to see their previous marketing…… They have disclosed these things, and I am not accusing them of having made a compromise on 4K." PS4 Pro will be launched at the end of this year, the difference in the relevant game experience, he also said: different resolutions will certainly have different performance…… Of course, there will be a lot of people do not recognize the difference, but "lengnuanzizhi" (Both people are right in their own minds)…… So it’s probably worth looking forward to". Microsoft announced plans in an interview on Scorpio from E3 during the exhibition this year, we can see that Microsoft is in Scorpio Xbox support have sufficient confidence game native 4K, Albert and Penello also suggests that SONY PS4 Pro will be in support of 4K is very difficult. But just as it is in the most.相关的主题文章: