Members of the Hongkong airport was a Taiwan Taiwan people criticized: shame to throw out – Beijing [Global Times special correspondent in Taipei Cui Mingxuan] called fans holding cardboard, with a trumpet in Taiwan ", this is not an" election in Taiwan, but in Hongkong Airport scene. When some passengers were clamoring to fly back to Kaohsiung on a typhoon day, a public opinion representative took the lead in Hongkong". The typhoon struck, many airlines canceled flights, but the Hongkong airport passengers appeared to protest the picture. 29, according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported that the netizen broke a video, the content is a black man holding a cardboard, with a megaphone to protest, clamoring for other passengers to express their dissatisfaction to the Taiwan airlines, and called for an immediate return to Kaohsiung Airport. This scene was filmed a lot of people, after verification, to confirm the name of the black man is the lead of KMT Pingtung county councilor Zhang Rongzhi, and this video up to 29 days for hundreds of thousands of people watched. Zhang Rongzhi at the scene shouted, "southern and Kaohsiung folks, our China Airlines tickets, there are seats, they must take us back to Kaohsiung, right?" "Don’t put us here, China Airlines have heard?" It is reported that Zhang Rongzhi was elected to the sixth consecutive election in Pingtung, the District of three. The island’s private media interview to Zhang Rongzhi, he said he was at the scene of protests, because of delays in sailing without any cal compensation measures, including accommodation or transfer any arrangements, he is for the scene of more than 700 villagers for some of the rights and interests, and not deliberately embarrass cal personnel or any abusive. United News Network said, these people 27 scheduled to return to Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Airport, we can accept the typhoon can not fly, but in contrast, other airlines have arranged accommodation, so they didn’t feel like "refugees" wandering. Plus China Airlines said may have to wait until October 2nd after the flight, we can not accept, later in their protests, China Airlines Company will arrange 29 at 4 hours, and provide free high-speed transfer and voucher. For Zhang Rongzhi’s behavior, many people do not agree with the island. Some people say, "it is shameful to throw out, throw the face of the people of Kaohsiung, but also speak so loudly," some people think that this is the embodiment of selfish mentality, as if it sounds very reasonable". Others said, "don’t just laugh at others, we’re not going anywhere."". When the electronic newspaper, Zhang Rongzhi chose to lead the fight, but like the occasion of the election, in addition to the typhoon day flight, safety is the most important, "members of the trouble, inevitably controversial".相关的主题文章: