Meinan level test next year test users: promotion is very urgent in Jinjiang by primary school students in the school Taiwanese nursery rhymes. (picture) heard of 46 English exam, mandarin level test, but you know that Taiwanese can also test the level? You’re right! Taiwanese proficiency test will be in the next exam. As a local dialect, why can the dialect of Minnan be included in the official examination? How do the selection of the examiners go on? It is understood that the selection of the level test examiners in Minnan dialect is now in progress, with more than 240 applicants, mainly from the education, culture and radio and television systems. After the completion of the training, they have to conduct a grade test first, and 90 points and above are qualified to be examiners. The responsible person said that the more than 240 people in the future can become more than 100 examiners, the elimination rate will exceed 50%. Netizen: Taiwanese promotion is very urgent for the Taiwanese grading, many netizens gave strong concern, participate in advance test simulation of each media launched the "". But there are also some netizens that, although they are in the south of Fujian, they will not be able to hear and feel difficult to pass. The netizen "Skrillex from Haicang" is to ask whether the online test will be developed. Another netizen uploaded the video of a black speaking Minnan dialect. Many netizens said that their Minnan dialect is not as good as their friends in Africa, and it is the promotion of Minnan dialect. The Education Department of Fujian Normal University professor emeritus Yang Xiuming said that the Taiwanese carrier, Nanyin opera, opera and other Taiwanese culture, Taiwanese culture heritage is a bridge, an important bridge and contact the Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese, the cultural identity, national identity and the reunification of the motherland has had a profound impact. In the past twenty years, the number of people in Minnan dialect has been decreasing, which has a direct impact on the inheritance of the South Fujian culture. She encourages staff in the related window industry, such as announcer, tour guide, airport personnel, etc., to participate in testing and testing. Around the day before to take measures to protect the dialect, the Ministry of education, the State Language Commission issued the "report Chinese language situation (2016)". The report points out that the current situation of Chinese dialects is not optimistic and is facing a situation of continuous reduction or even disappearance. In recent years, many measures have been taken to protect local dialects. In March 2006, Shanghai introduced the first "People’s Republic of China implementation of the" national language law "means" the city of Shanghai, proposed the establishment of the Shanghai dialect, Shanghai dialect protection, September 2012, the first primary school textbook "primary theory of Shanghai dialect dialect" into the classroom; in 2008, Guangzhou City, Yuexiu District martyrs Road Primary School the first day "every Monday in Guangzhou on March 2010;" Xiamen City, the dialect of the experimental teaching, teaching materials about the issue of Minnan dialect, the dialect of the education of students; in July 2016, developed by the Minjiang University) Fuzhou APP "Fuzhou online dictionary" officially launched…… The protection and inheritance of Fujian folk culture has 86 years of excellent tradition of people Fang Binggui has been committed to Fuzhou, he has published the "Fuzhou" "Fuzhou Street" and other idioms of Fuzhou folk culture series of more than 20. Every festival, he will go to the community to sing folk songs and tell folk stories to the children in Fuzhou. He also organized a team of volunteers in Fuzhou Fujian culture promotion team, every week to Lin Zexu primary school, primary school of copper free compulsory education, they compiled the "Fuzhou dialect phonetic reader", Professor of children in Fuzhou dialect vowels. He said that all he did was spontaneous. He also hopes that the protection of dialects can get the attention and participation of the relevant departments. Fang Binggui said that the dialect is like a big ship, carrying a lot of excellent local culture. However, the ship is sinking, and if the ship is sunk, the culture it carries will sink into the bottom of the sea. (journalist Zhang Liqing Intern Gu Guoding)

闽南话水平等级测试明年开考 网友:推广很迫切   晋江溪边小学学生在学闽南童谣。(资料图片)   听说过英语四六级考试、普通话等级考试,但你知道闽南语也可以考级了吗?没错!闽南话水平等级测试将在明年开考。作为地方方言,闽南话为何会被纳入官方考试?考官选拔如何进行?   据了解,闽南话水平等级测试考官选拔目前已在进行,报名者达240余人,主要来自教育、文化、广电系统。完成培训后,他们要先进行等级测试,成绩90分及以上者才有资格成为考官。有关负责人表示,240多人中未来能成为考官的不足百人,淘汰率将超过五成。   网友:闽南话推广很迫切   对于闽南话考级,很多网友给予了强烈关注,提前参加各个自媒体发起的“模拟考”。但也有部分网友表示,虽然身为闽南人,却会听不会说,感觉很难及格。网友“来自海沧的Skrillex”更是询问会否开发线上测试。还有网友上传了一条黑人讲闽南话的视频引来围观,不少网友表示,自己的闽南话还不如非洲朋友讲得标准,闽南话是该推广了。   闽南师范大学教育系退休教授杨秀明表示,闽南语是南音、歌仔戏、皮影戏等闽南文化的载体,是闽南文化传承的桥梁,也是联系台湾同胞与海外华侨的重要桥梁,对文化认同、民族认同以及祖国统一大业都有着深远的影响。近二十年来,会说闽南话的人数不断减少,直接影响到了闽南文化的传承。她鼓励相关窗口行业的工作人员,如播音员、导游、机场人员等,可以参与测试考证。   各地采取措施保护方言   日前,教育部、国家语委发布《中国语言生活状况报告(2016)》。报告指出,我国方言现状不容乐观,面临着不断减少甚至消失的局面。   这些年,各地也采取了很多措施保护地方方言。2006年3月,上海率先出台《上海市实施〈中华人民共和国国家通用语言文字法〉办法》,提出建立上海方言库,保护上海话,2012年9月,首部小学沪语教材《小学生学说上海话》进入课堂;2008年,广州市越秀区先烈中路小学首创每周一天“广州话日”;2010年3月,厦门市进行闽南话教学试点,发放闽南话教材,对学生进行有关闽南话的教育;2016年7月,由闽江学院开发的福州话APP“福州话在线字典”正式上线……   已经86岁的福建民间文化优秀传承人方炳桂一直致力于福州话的保护与传承,他陆续出版过《福州熟语》《福州老街》等福州民俗文化丛书20余本。每个节日,他都会到社区去给孩子们唱福州民间歌谣,讲民间故事。他还组织了一支闽都文化志愿者福州话推广小分队,每周都会到林则徐小学、铜盘小学进行义务教学,免费发放他们编撰的《福州话拼音读本》,教授孩子们福州话韵母发音等。他说,他所做的都是个人自发行为。他也很希望,方言的保护能够得到相关部门的重视和参与。   方炳桂表示,方言就像一艘大船,承载着很多优秀的地方文化。然而,这艘船正在下沉,如果船彻底沉下去,它所承载的文化也都将沉入海底。   (记者 张立庆 实习生 顾国顶)相关的主题文章: