MDL Autumn Race: LGD, NB list of prospective team members guess TI6 has not yet cleared the smoke, flames 2016 MDL fall season is about to open fire! TI6 after the biggest event is the major club players or situation. Through a series of coordinated action of the ACE alliance and the club, Chinese clan "leave the gate" the event will undoubtedly make many game player dissatisfaction, but also shows that this is indeed the team upset. However, the more confidential, the more aroused the curiosity of the majority of friends. The team has not yet finalized the list today, water friends have also made their guess, some people think it is a powerful and unconstrained style but there are some reasonable and convincing. Today, the small series to guess (NAO) test (BU) some of the current MDL’s two straight team – DPL first season of the first, the second LGD and NB lineup. A few days ago in the core of LGD single MAYBE has left the team before the combination of micro-blog said, leaving the message from groundless talk, LGD must have spent a lot of thought to form a new lineup for MAYBE. MMY hair micro-blog said to rest for half a year and then decide whether to continue to play, LGD, several other people are not released to leave the team statement, so many friends are guessing MAYBE will usher in 4 new teammates. According to someone WeChat broke the news, LGD’s new lineup is AME, MAYBE, LUO, XZ and LPC. Although it is not clear the accurate degree of the source, but the AME and XZ itself is CDEC.Y players, LUO is a CDEC.A player, where LPC is the first to complete the entire Tong Fu leave such a team, like the 5 of them together and not have to spend too much effort. AME is one of the new generation of CARRY in the earliest budding, however he is just beginning to shine when it was long old milk a mouthful of "this is 5 million of the value of CARRY, then dry out and come up with his werewolf and came up with a large halo hammer, finally made a comeback by the sword. (when the synthesis of a large halo hammer also requires holy relics). AME can be said that the CDEC.Y team is a quite important role, CARRY wind energy, wind energy to nuclear 1V9 compression, desperate comeback. However, the biggest drawback is that AME’s experience is not rich competition, there is no experience to go abroad to play the championship to win, so can play what kind of level or to see the team running in. XZ was the world’s top 3, one of the TI5 after the end of half a year later to CDEC.Y also tried to change the location of 2 bits and 4 bits, after this adjustment will continue to not know surgeon number 3’ll hit number 4, we can look forward to. LUO the past few years seems to have been unsatisfactory, began to play number 1 in IG, No. 3, No. 4 and other positions, but he did not get a chance to prove himself, this time do not know LGD is a better chance than the gift by LUO. The original TONGFU auxiliary LPC before the TONGFU team is not how!相关的主题文章: