[material sports]29 recommended: inter guest difficult tomorrow morning to the UEFA Cup second round group phase under fierce battle, the Czech giants Sparta Prague in Serie A giants Milan international home court. The recent status of the average only 6 games 2 wins 2 flat 2 negative record, but the war in Europe experienced last season knockout stage against Serie A giants Lazio into the top 8. The recent good condition 3 wins 2 flat 1 negative impressive record, but only a defeat is the first round of the UEFA Cup group phase, struggling in the face of Bell Semyon Bacha Poole home court. The team treated the Europa League questionable attitude. The compensate William first lost 3 to 3.10 2.45  after the transfer into   3.10 2.38  3.20; Milan international team in popularity in good condition in the background are beginning to compensate the odds of 2.45 is significantly higher, after a slight increase of 2 wins, flat odds, reduce the negative to compensate for the Milan win made potential, while leaving the game 2.38. Value. The game is not too optimistic about the international Milan, you want to win the game is very difficult (more recommended, please pay attention to material sports!)相关的主题文章: