"Mask" Wowkie Zhang changed "mother" mother’s love of the strength of the spread of milk children – Sohu entertainment single hand breast-feeding   Sohu entertainment program in the milk child, you must have seen it. In the Sunday night Jiangsu TV will sing "masked guess", the new "sing about the collapse of a brother brought a very practical life skills –" the energy-saving todiscredit "," big brother "must have been a mother. More surprisingly, she also invited Wowkie Zhang came with play "mommy", Wowkie Zhang is always "childish" style mutation, exudes a deep sense of motherhood. In this Sunday night to sing "masked guess" program, the new "sing about the collapse of a brother came to say:" I know there is a jury member of the guess there is good news, so I want to share some experience." In the individual technical stage is to show the scene in teaching how to sleep can nurse to the child, let the guess jury have pointed out the "leader" is the mother’s identity. Wowkie Zhang is subject to a "big brother" invitation, with the interpretation of a "energy-saving". However, Mankoudaying he did not think of how to play but not the son, mother. This also makes the host could not help but laugh: "now we want to call you ‘aunt’." In the "big brother" under the guidance of professional, Wowkie Zhang is also a toss about on the prop table, and ultimately to a side lying "enchanting posture frame, before and after the pad towel blanket, like a" Little Mermaid ". However, when the baby was placed in the arms of Wowkie Zhang, the style seems to transform again, "aunt" vivid and lively in front of the audience, the dissemination of motherhood is the audience at a glance. Although slightly embarrassed, but Wowkie Zhang couldn’t stop joking, said it would be much more convenient for children infants. See this scene is reminiscent of the earlier users exposed Wowkie Zhang married news, Wowkie Zhang is really too happy about? In any case, the "leader" of the personal skills were guess jury unanimously affirmed, this may also be regarded as a blessing for ELLA. With the broadcast of the show, watching sing singing strength at the same time, the audience can see all aspects of their personal skills, those "collapse" out brings a lot of joy, the practical, people also benefited from. Want to see Beijing man Wowkie Zhang how motherhood? Look forward to this Sunday night 20:30 Jiangsu satellite TV "masked singing will guess guess".相关的主题文章: