Given the increased market competition mechanism of the integration of resources to test the ability of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Xu Wenqing – with tighter regulation, the market will increase the influx of funds, the market will increase the premium declaration also appeared frequently, and presents new features. The reporter interviewed a number of private sources, the future ability of resource integration mechanism will become a key market, although the current situation is more money, less chance, but some industries still exist structural opportunities and arbitrage opportunities. "We are set by the premium mechanism has a lot of pressure on marketing now. If the money is not ideal, we set up to increase the project, get a fixed increase in share, will have a greater impact." A public offering of fund managers to increase the reporter admitted. His concerns on behalf of the fund manager of a current state, namely the increase in the face of good, not enough money, agencies are also difficult to depth involved, a typical "seller’s market" tendency in favor of listed companies. "As the public offering of the fund’s double ten provisions, not only fund market value of holding the same stock of more than 10% of the net assets of the fund, the total size of the fund requires to reach an ideal situation, such as the scale of 200 million yuan fund, only 20 million yuan to participate in a single project will increase, but this the volume for good projects may not have financial advantages." The fund manager explained. "Public offering ideas and we do not like their style of play has been ‘rich’ type." A specially set by private persons quipped, "I heard that now part of the public offering in the declared price when the direct premium returns, finalized the discount price is how much is recognized, but not private this idea, we will talk about a lot of conditions or even" drawer agreement ". Public offering is more inclined to value investment and portfolio investment, will be placed on a single project in the body of a huge increase in the combination of co-ordination, so dare to declare a premium." The public fund manager also told reporters that, compared to private and various information management institutions, listed companies is more willing to raised funds, because of the large amount of funds, less restrictions and fetters". Insiders said, in a low interest rate and asset shortage in parallel under the background of private placement investment has gradually become the offbeat standard, competing mechanism. It is also in this case, institutions gathered a large number increase in fixed capital is difficult to take out, it will also appear frequently institutions offer "very quickly" situation. In the future, the agency’s ability to integrate resources will become the key to profitability. The increasing market presents four major changes with the "supply and demand" and deepen the tighter regulation, will increase the discount space narrowed, the recent discount mostly around 10 percent off, but private persons think unlikely narrowed further in the future. Shanghai Tao Yun investment that is set by the capital market has become the main channel for support, direct financing of the real economy overall, tighter regulation will not change the listed companies be increased through direct financing trend. They think, in theory相关的主题文章: