[map] designed for women to create siyat Mii new special edition of the official figure – Sohu Sohu   car car car []; the day before, West Astra officially released the new Mii COSMOPOLITAN Edition special edition of the official chart, the special edition models from west Astra and famous women’s fashion magazine "COSMOPOLITAN" together to create a new appearance, and the interior color using a unique violet color, the special edition models will be listed first in Europe in 2017. Special edition models will be locked in the main user groups in the female consumer, so the appearance, the new car uses a unique violet body color, and equipped with champagne gold rearview mirror. In addition, the car uses a dedicated tail tag and the door pedal, further highlighting the identity of its special edition models. Interior, new car with the ordinary version of Mii, but the body with the same color of violet Alcantara fabric seat, while the console, door panel, steering wheel trim and other details with violet color. Configuration, the car is equipped with a manual air conditioning, reversing radar, internet entertainment systems and lane maintenance, etc.. It is noteworthy that its internet entertainment system built in the COSMOPOLITAN magazine App, real-time browsing and updating magazine content. Power, the new car uses a two power adjustable 1.0L three cylinder engine, the maximum power of 61 horsepower and 76 horsepower, the transmission system will start with 5 speed manual gearbox, the future will launch with automatic transmission models. (Editor: Zhang Shaotong)相关的主题文章: