The "children", this is the original meaning, a lot of people mistake – [picture] select Sohu maternal attention, let the children love to read! Methods: open WeChat to add friends to search, to jxhuiben and attention! As parents, we are privileged to witness many experience of children from birth to adult, children’s experience will record our understanding of what — and accompany and wait, or nagging, and accused the left and right? How to understand and understand the psychological needs of children, the delineation of appropriate distance and independent personality boundaries is worth every parent to consider things. As a mother I often watched the kids, I have looked at just over two years old daughter in the birthday party in line to play the poking fun, have been very excited to jump the queue, at that time I did not say a word, has been watching the children face others protest still confused. When I come home at night, I play with my children while I put the building blocks on the floor. Each building block has a different name What is a queue? In what situation? I can yell at the daughter on the spot to queue, you can also pull the child to the back row, but it is "I want children to do". In fact, the child is experiencing their own behavior to cause others to protest, I let the children to walk the entire process, see the child’s difficulties in this process, after returning home with a way to let the children know the game. This situation often happens, when I want new clothes do not contaminate the children clean, but she is looking after the rain stopped the bunker when I think of the eyes, is "I want her to clean", or "I have to respect her being interested in the same things"? When she cried at the door of the playground, I think it is "I want you to come home to me," or with the children together, "is facing his own heart that can not give up enough to play the mood"? When learning when the child refused, I think this is "that you don’t waste dense tuition, or with their children through the" face the difficulties of learning "? When visiting the night market, when the child to hold, I think is so big, but also to hold, or to understand the child wants to look like the same height as the night market commodity, rather than always look at other people’s feet, the mood? One day, the five year old daughter for eight months, the weather is very cold, the children have been playing with friends for a whole afternoon, I blew a day in the cold wind, watching the children playing happily, my waist has to acid could hardly stand, biow hand has not been stopped, very not easy to wait until the children are willing to go home, I call her husband drove home to meet us. I took my daughter with a big bag of things and walked slowly along the way. I walk very slowly, because each step for me are accompanied by pain, came to the agreed place, ready to call the husband drove over, her daughter took a toy compact from his pocket, opened a toy puff found inside was gone, she began anxiously turn your pocket with the bag, then burst out crying. She cried so sadly, I put down the phone, tightly!相关的主题文章: