The man claiming to be able to do all for about 200000 indicators Yaohao fraud lottery – Tianjin Beijing North news: with the implementation of Tianjin city car purchase policy, more and more people to join the Car Buying Yaohao Yaohao army go forward with great strength and vigour, but the monthly indicators of real difficult to solve the "monk porridge", the high cost of bidding so many family Car Buying timid and stopped, the "supply and demand" contradiction in some criminals in the eyes of a rich opportunity "". Recently, Tianjin city Wuqing District People’s Procuratorate for examination and prosecution of fraud together, the defendant Guo fiction that he has the ability to handle the car indicators of the facts, fraud has dozens of victims in a permit fee is required on the grounds, involving up to about 200000. At present, the case has been sentenced, the defendant Guo Moumou was sentenced to imprisonment in seven years and seven months. The defendant, Guo Moumou, was sentenced to one year imprisonment by the people’s Court of Wuqing district for fraud. He didn’t repent after he was released from prison. Instead, he went on the road of crime again. Since he was released from prison, he has been dreaming of being able to make a fortune every night. So Guo began to buy lottery tickets, from the beginning of the ten yuan to several hundred dollars, to tens of thousands of yuan, desire that he lost his hand, gradually savings ran out, he had the idea of buying lottery scam. He remembered that since the car was restricted, No. 1 was hard to find, and many people were bidding to buy auto targets. Thinking for a long time, he will take the "I have relatives in the Traffic Management Bureau, can Car Buying index transfer bye, a Car Buying index only 6000 yuan a permit fee" as an excuse to start crazy scam. In 2014 October, a hotel Wuqing Guo Yang village to Tianjin City, posing as police identity card can handle its own fictional taxi passenger fact, on behalf of the processing fee, defrauding victims 18 thousand yuan, which in nominal hospital sick friend need money, defrauding victims 12 thousand yuan. In 2015 April and May, Guo Moumou to Wuqing Development Zone, a steel mold company, has invented the fact that they can handle the car freight certificate, car license index, in the name of the certificate fee, the call fee, defrauding the victim, a total of 8900 yuan. Just a few months, more than 20 people being deceived by the lies, some people even once to buy dozens of indicators, involving up to about 200000 yuan, as of the incident, even some victims still don’t believe he cheated, still doing "through" low price index. Before the incident, the defendant Guo Moumou has all the money used for the purchase of lottery tickets. (Zhang Yu, editor of the Northern Network)

男子自称能办摇号指标 诈骗20多万全部用于购彩-中新网   天津北方网讯:随着天津市汽车限购政策的实施,越来越多的购车族加入到浩浩荡荡的摇号大军,然而每月的摇号指标实难解决“僧多粥少”的情况,高昂的竞价费用又让很多购车族怯而止步,这种“供需”矛盾却在有些不法分子眼中成了发财的“大好时机”。   近日天津市武清区人民检察院依法移送审查起诉一起诈骗案,被告人郭某某虚构自己有能力办理汽车指标的事实,以需要一定的办证费为由先后诈骗数十名受害人,涉案金额高达20多万。目前该案已判决,被告人郭某某被判处有期徒刑七年七个月。   被告人郭某某曾因犯诈骗罪被武清区人民法院判处有期徒刑一年,不想其出狱后不仅没有悔改,反而再次走上了犯罪的道路。郭某某自出狱以来每天都幻想自己能够一夜暴富。于是郭某某开始购买彩票,从一开始的十几元到几百元,再到成千上万元,欲望的诱惑使他迷失了自己,渐渐地手头的积蓄花光了,他便产生了骗钱购买彩票的想法。   他想起自汽车限购以来,一号难求,很多人竞价购买汽车指标。思谋良久,他遂以“自己在交管局有亲戚,可以转让轮空的购车指标,一个购车指标只需6000元的办证费”为由开始了疯狂的骗局。   2014年10月份,郭某某至天津市武清区杨村镇某饭店,冒充人民警察的身份,虚构自己可以办理出租车客运证的事实,以办证费的名义,骗取受害人人民币1.8万元,其间又以朋友生病住院需要用钱的名义,骗取受害人人民币1.2万元。2015年四五月间,郭某某至武清开发区一家钢模公司,先后虚构自己能办理汽车货运证、汽车牌照指标的事实,以办证费、挂靠费的名义,骗取受害人余某共计人民币8900元。   短短数月,20余人被这样的谎言所蒙骗,有些人甚至一次购买数十个指标,涉案金额高达20多万元,截至案发,甚至有些受害人还不相信自己被骗了,还在做着“通过关系”低价购得指标的美梦。而至案发前被告人郭某某已将骗来的钱全部用于购买彩票。(北方网编辑张瑜)相关的主题文章: