Man 21 years old couple had no children of their obligation to take care of every night for its foot massage – public channel in Hanyuan County rich Township five-star village, Jiang Yian filed name, not a thumbs down the villagers. Jiang Yian took good care of the old couple that neither relative nor friend, is to insist on a 21 year. Recently, the reporter went to the Hanyuan County rich Township five-star village, of this kind and ordinary villagers interviewed. The story has to start in 1994. When only 25 years old Jiang Yian learned from relatives, 5 groups at a distance of 20 kilometers outside his home rich Township prosperous village, a more than and 60 year old couple Li Peilian and Li Bingtang, they had no ability to work, to live very hard. I heard the old man so poor, my heart is not the taste." After long holidays, Jiang Yian will be put on the necessities of life to visit them. This comes, it usually takes five or six hours. At the beginning of 1995, seeing the new year, Jiang Yian suddenly put forward the two elderly home. "You and they do not have a blood relationship, to visit the holiday is good, and your family is not well-off……" That the matter has been persuaded friends and relatives. At that time, Jiang Yian has married, the economic conditions are not very good, he and his wife not only to take care of two year old daughter, but also to take care of the elderly mother. Fail to beat Jiang Yian to the two elderly sympathy, his wife finally agreed to. Jiang Yian did not hesitate, then the two elderly home. Starting today, you are my family, I will treat you as a parent, and you live together." Jiang Yian said to the two old men. Every night, Jiang Yian will be holding a pot of hot water to bed for two elderly feet, massage, this habit, he insisted for 21 years. Every winter, he was early for the elderly good stove; buy clothes, buy them regularly with the elderly nutrition, physical examination, and they often talk, greetings. "If my wife and I didn’t care Yian ginger, would be in, we have already regarded him as his own son." That’s what Li Peilian said. The village people say Jiang Yian silly, his family condition is not good, but also the two man to have neither relative nor friend, increase the burden on the family. But his idea is very simple: "the maintenance of two elderly people just two pairs of chopsticks, for good." "There is an old home if there is a treasure, we never put the burden on the elderly." It is also because he and his wife’s words and deeds, their daughter was obedient when Jiang Yian go out to work, the daughter often help her mother to take care of the elderly. One family hehemumu, convey positive energy in the neighborhood. Source: Sichuan daily相关的主题文章: