Internet-and-Business-Online What can be said about Magnetic Sponsoring that hasn’t already been said? It’s considered by many to be the best MLM/Network Marketing training book ever written. If you Google "Magnetic Sponsoring" you will see that there are thousands upon thousands reviews, summaries, and analysis of the book. However, I did notice that there was ONE thing out there that hadn’t been done yet. Nobody tells you exactly what Magnetic Sponsoring teaches and then also doesn’t teach. That is precisely what I am about to teach you. I am going to go over the main points that are stressed in this book along with what isn’t covered. Let’s start with what IS taught in Magnetic Sponsoring. Magnetic Sponsoring Main Points: Throughout this entire book Mike Dillard is attempting to teach the "attraction marketing" principle. What is attraction marketing? The simplest way to explain attraction marketing is this: You want to develop yourself into the type of person that you want to "attract" into your business. So if you want to recruit "leaders" and "go getters" into your MLM business then that is the type of person you need to develop yourself into. Along with his main point and the teaching of the attraction marketing principle, Mike covers a number of other things. This is a list of points he stresses. * If you do not take time to develop yourself into a leader, you will never be successful in the home based business/network marketing industry. Period, end of story. * Your education in your chosen industry should NEVER stop * Results in your given opportunity have nothing to do with the opportunity and everything to do with you. * Success comes when you stop caring about the end result * You must take full responsibility for your results * You must treat your Network Marketing business like a business or you are wasting your time * You must have a way to create your own leads and monetize even those who say no to your business None of the above bullet points should come as a shock to anyone who has been in the Network Marketing/MLM business for a while. However, what makes Magnetic Sponsoring so great is that these points are laid out in such a clear and concise manner. There is no question that the content in Magnetic Sponsoring is top notch. However, there are things this e-book does NOT cover. Here are a couple of things that this e-book is NOT. What is Magnetic Sponsoring Not? * It is not an end all. Do not expect to purchase this book, take 2 hours reading it, and magically have all the answers. * It is not for everyone. Mike reveals some hard truths, he lets you know that succeeding in this industry is tough and requires a lot of work that most people are not willing to do Overall if you are serious about your Network Marketing career, and do want to become a leader in this industry, then this e-book is a must. What I am trying to stress here is that when you buy Magnetic Sponsoring it should NOT be looked at as the last training material you need. If anything, Magnetic Sponsoring is the tip of the iceberg and a great start. About the Author: For those of you that are serious about MLM and are ready to start applying the principles taught in Magnetic Sponsoring, I would highly recommend you click on the link below. When you do, I will show you a system that was designed to help you generate an endless supply of leads, brand you as a leader, and teach your new and existing distributors to do the same. Click on the link below now to check it out! MLM Success System Article Published On: – Internet-and-Business-Online 相关的主题文章: