Maggie Cheung "Feng taste 3" debut "" reality exposure screen "12 year mystery – Sohu entertainment Maggie Cheung Nicholas Tse bus tea   Sohu; entertainment news recently," Twelve Feng taste "official broke actress Maggie Cheung on Saturday’s show, as a heavyweight guests gave their first variety show! Maggie Cheung’s return is not only a surprise to the audience of the program, but also to like Maggie Cheung fans are quite looking forward to! That day, Maggie Cheung was in a good mood. A red rose handsome leather bodice, simple semi tail shape, handsome also added a little lively. As in the past or the slender stature, or as in the past great temperament, especially some naughty more with Maggie Cheung on the day of the speech and deportment of childish, lament the God will inevitably be too unfair, despite the passage of time, just add more goddess. And then in the trip to London with Nicholas Tse, grew up in London, the more familiar with the Maggie Cheung when a tour guide, with the experience of London, gourmet food with the experience of London, and the London experience of the United States and the United States, the United States and the United states. In London’s iconic double decker bus, Maggie Cheung and Nicholas Tse enjoy the afternoon tea while enjoying the view, and said excitedly, "the queen of England also eats it." "" "!". Later, she also took Nicholas Tse to a favorite music bar, the most indispensable food in the United Kingdom, is the combination of beer and music. It is difficult to imagine, experienced twelve years of precipitation Maggie Cheung was so lovely with the performance of the whole. During this period, Maggie Cheung also confessed to Nicholas Tse why he quit the screen 12 years, exactly why she yongtui torrent in the peak of his career? Why 12 years after the variety show will choose the first "Twelve Feng taste"? A series of questions, but also pay attention to this Saturday night 22:00 Zhejiang TV "Twelve Feng flavor 3" to find the answer.相关的主题文章: