Luxury home SUV models recommended minimum only 220 thousand fix Phoenix car · multi car sales in recent years, SUV models in the domestic sought after by consumers, with its comprehensive product space and practicality and good through the continued high heat, especially in the 250 thousand yuan SUV market, the competition is hot. To spend money to do a lot of people think that this really is a good thing? Today we recommend a few luxury home SUV models, the minimum can only get 220 thousand yuan. I hope you can bring help to the car. Guangzhou Acura CDX official guidance price: 22.98-31.28 yuan appearance, Acura CDX is created based on the Acura SUV-X, but its shape follows the design concept of many Precision concept car. The body curve of slender hood and sharp edged, the vehicle performance and style to upgrade to a new level. Pentagon diamond grille with LED headlamps matrix, build a new family front design is very sharp. Acura CDX tail shape is compact, layering is also very rich, taillight also adopted LED light source, the overall shape echoes the front lamps. The interior of the Acura CDX intellectual and personality to do a full explanation, uses a lot of manual and have a delicate texture of the material, the dermal suture not only excellent visual, feels very good. The console in addition to a large size LCD screen, large size knob at the bottom of the Dynamic Mode system is absolutely very eye-catching, designers cleverly put two functional areas together with chrome trim, from the side like a China beautiful jade. As the Acura CDX configuration is relatively bright, such as the Head-Up Display head up display system, a 8 inch color screen smart interconnected system, Acuralink, LaneWatchTM blind spot display system, a 360 degree panoramic camera system, intelligent automatic parking assist system, dynamic visual reminder system, many of which are not competitive models. Although the Acura CDX wheelbase is only 2660 mm, is not prominent, but the actual effect is spacious enough to ride. Height 175cm experience sitting in the front row, adjust the seat to the ideal posture, the front of the head space for a fist distance, the same experience came back, the front seat distance remains unchanged, the head space is a fist distance, legs close to 4 boxing over space, the performance is excellent. Such spatial performance, in a row before and after sitting are 185 cm tall, can sit comfortably. Acura CDX line comes standard with 1.5T turbocharged direct injection engine, 8 speed DCT dual clutch gearbox, the engine maximum power of 134 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 240 nm. AWD four-wheel drive version of the listing of the use is real-time system. In the aftermarket, this car will be able to enjoy 4 years of free maintenance of 100 thousand km. BMW X1 official guidance price: 28.60-43.90 million new BMW X1 is based on BMW UKL platform to create a precursor.相关的主题文章: