New York media group of distressed muskmelon! Jackson: not to find help, he also sale Jackson did not operate awesome sina sports news Beijing time on February 29th, this season, Nicks’s poor performance, Carmelo – Anthony once again questioned by the outside world. But the "New York Daily News" reported that Nicks was not a success, the main responsibility is not in Anthony, but in Phil – Jackson. Maybe it is easy to forget, just two years ago, Anthony averaged more than 27 points, and almost took a canzhen Nicks into the playoffs. Before the season, Nicks played 54 games, Anthony became a candidate of MVP. Even though Anthony never beat James, but not the eastern people can do, but Anthony is the best player since Ewing Nicks. This season, Anthony has just recovered from a knee injury, but with the emergence of Pohl Zingis, Anthony was on the need to adjust the method, and become more of a playmaker. So far this season, Anthony is the only one in scoring, rebounds and assists are ranked in the first team player. But Phil Jackson has helped Anthony? No On the contrary, the Nicks team at the trade deadline. And last year’s free agent market, when Anthony had recruited A De, and A De told the "New York Daily News" said that he is interested in Nicks. However, because Phil Jackson wanted A De to play center on the Nicks team, the team and Nicks A De cancelled the meeting. When Anthony heard of it, he responded: "I put my head away." The summer of 2014, Phil Jackson showed Anthony a vision (and a lot of money), Anthony can go to the bulls or the Rockets this title team, but he chose a 5 year contract for $124 million in the Nicks team. He hopes to earn his money, and here (New York) win. For Phil Jackson, now Anthony and win together, or quickly transferred to another stage, but he let Nicks in an awkward position. Even more ridiculous is that Phil Jackson has always believed that system is more important than the players. This summer, Anthony will have a lot of teams chase, because he is a top scorer, because Anthony is not the Nicks problem, the Nicks’s problem is that they plan to send the best players in the team, and the best players really want to stay here. (Rosen)

心疼甜瓜!纽约媒体批禅师:不给找帮手还甩卖他 禅师的运作确实不太给力   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月29日,本赛季,尼克斯队表现不佳,卡梅罗-安东尼再次受到外界的质疑。但是《纽约每日新闻》在报道中指出,尼克斯没有取得成功,主要责任不在安东尼,而是在菲尔-杰克逊。   也许大家很容易会忘记,仅仅两年前,安东尼的场均得分超过27分,而且差点带着一套残阵尼克斯打进季后赛。之前的那个赛季,尼克斯打出54胜,而安东尼成为了MVP的候选。   即便安东尼永远无法超过詹姆斯,而且东部没有人能做到,但是安东尼是继尤因之后最好的尼克斯球员。   本赛季,安东尼刚刚从膝盖伤势中恢复过来,而且随着波尔津吉斯的出现,安东尼需要在场上调整打法,并更多地成为进攻组织者。本赛季至今,安东尼是唯一一位场均得分、篮板和助攻都排在全队第一的球员。   但是菲尔-杰克逊有帮过安东尼吗?没有。相反,尼克斯队在交易截止日无所作为。还有去年的自由球员市场,当时安东尼曾招募过阿德,而且阿德告诉《纽约每日新闻》称他对尼克斯有兴趣。   然而,由于菲尔-杰克逊希望阿德在尼克斯队打中锋,结果阿德取消了与尼克斯队的会面。   当安东尼听到这件事之后,他的反应是:“我把我的头带都扔了。”   2014年夏天,菲尔-杰克逊向安东尼展示了一番愿景(以及许多钱),安东尼本可以去公牛队或者火箭队这样的争冠球队,但是他选择以一份5年1.24亿美元的合同留在尼克斯队。他希望赚到他的钱,并且在这里(纽约)赢球。   对于菲尔-杰克逊来说,要么现在和安东尼一起赢球,要么迅速转移到另一个阶段,但是他却让尼克斯处在一个尴尬的中间位置。更可笑的是,菲尔-杰克逊始终相信体系比球员更重要。   今年夏天,安东尼将会受到多支球队的追逐,因为他是一位顶级得分手,因为安东尼不是这种尼克斯的问题所在,这支尼克斯的问题所在是他们计划送走球队里最好的球员,而这位最好的球员真的渴望留在这里。   (罗森)相关的主题文章: