Love meat, a word not just poetry? "Bloody Tibetan mastiff" incarnation of Zhang Jike new era poet – Sohu new "husband" Zhang Jike not only played a good shot, but also a part-time poet and anchor, it is all ten ok!! See our Koko tell you with action to write poetry is not a good athlete will anchor Rio – the end of the Olympic Games, "the husband" for a wave, people also eat melons have invested in the construction of the motherland in the flood, but the long-term Zhang Jike during the Olympic Games "occupied" micro-blog hot search list of the new "national husband" but. Not less! This does not, two days before and even the "Zhang Jike blue sports shoes are a fire, netizens have called" a treasure estimated soon to be with you "" come on, the sports shoes quickly Koko was playing bad"! Not only that, these days Scarlett sister were also surprised to find that our home more than Koko played a ball, you can write bigger full of poetry, when the anchor is bursting with popularity, all-round development of man! Sports literary giant day gululu, sports a big poet!! Happy, sad, poetry; poetry; poetry; wake up, sleep, or poetry. The students soon feel out of micro-blog Koko bookish. When Chinese women volleyball team, he composed a poem, excitement shows between the lines before the broadcast is ~ ~, to write a poem!! Scarlett sister understood ~ "gently I go, as I gently… "…; determined that this is not Xu Zhimo possessed? In fact, summary words: poetry is will wrap koko! Yes or no! Is it right? The children learn quickly! Live elegant style bursting with witty friends to you feel this real Zhang Jike boy~ to Koko upright medals in front of the camera to see friends, very happy, after all, the "professional anchor"… This… Good picture of love, suddenly some envy Zhang Jike really chubby ~ bloody Tibetan mastiff, Zhang Jike as one of the most excellent table tennis player, he made us proud or the identity of athletes. At the age of 5, he followed his father to learn to play in May 15, 2011, won the occupation career first World Table Tennis Championships Men’s singles champion, in 2012 won the men’s singles gold medal in the Olympic Games in london! In just the end of the Rio Olympic Games, although the back is serious, Zhang Jike still adhere to the game, won the men’s singles silver, and Malone, Xu Xin together with Nanping gold medal. Zhang Jike’s efforts for all to see, I believe that for all, when he was in the field every time, every time when the racket, he is the most handsome, most men look like! Scarlett sister reminder: if you are a fan of Zhang Jike’s sister, that you will face such a course, thanks! Na! However, these are not相关的主题文章: