Looking | three first highlight the premier American tour "in general" – Sohu news: the three "first" highlights the premier American tour "in general — Premier Li Keqiang attended the high-level meeting of the seventy-first session of the general assembly and the series of Canada, an official visit to Cuba prospective Premier Li Keqiang will be held from September 18th to 28 went to United Nations Headquarters in New York to attend the seventy-first session of the UN General Assembly series of high level meetings and official visit to Canada and cuba. Qinmu Yuan Peng, multilateral operations; deepen traditional friendship, promote global governance. Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s visit to the United States to show the rich spectrum of China’s major powers diplomacy, focusing on the world’s attention. Three for the first time, highlighting the prime minister’s visit is not general". For the first time on the podium Chinese scheme anticipated on the coast of the New York Manhattan River into the United Nations Headquarters, one of the most busy season. Local time on September 13th, the opening of the seventy-first session of the general assembly of the United Nations, representatives from the United Nations 193 member countries gathered here. In 2030 the task agenda for sustainable development, climate change "Paris agreement", facing terrorism, refugee crisis, reverse the trend of globalization and other global challenges, as a permanent member of the United Nations and the largest developing countries Chinese, will promote world peace and promote common development, improve global governance scheme and how the path? The new international situation and China’s return to the United Nations 45 anniversary of the superposition of prime minister Li Keqiang’s debut in the United Nations concern. A speech at the general debate of the "key", a 2030 to implement the agenda for sustainable development forum, meeting two refugees, the number of bilateral meetings…… The prime minister’s "United Nations time" is full. "President Xi Jinping attended the summit last year during the 70 anniversary of the founding of the United Nations made a series of commitments and initiatives to support the United Nations, Premier Li Keqiang will announce the follow-up implementation of these commitments and initiatives." Yang Xiyu, a researcher at the China Institute of international studies, said that Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to the United Nations has both continuity and significance. "In view of the current complicated international situation, the prime minister will be fully explained China foreign policy, which is the support for the central role of the United Nations, and the world, China practice Chinese better communication is also very important to understand the world better." "Away home diplomacy" is another aspect of Premier Li Keqiang’s visit. During the meeting of the UN General Assembly, Premier Li Keqiang will host a forum on the implementation of the sustainable development agenda in 2030, which will be held by the Chinese side, and will announce the achievements and ideas of China’s development. In addition, the prime minister will also be close to the United States launched a public diplomacy, and the United States financial, think tanks, media and other representatives of all walks of life in a wide range of contacts, to clarify the direction of Sino US relations, enhance consensus. "This kind of activity arrangement shows the innovative ideas and strategic thinking of China’s new generation of leaders to carry out public diplomacy." Yang Xiyu said. Have launched the first prime minister annual dialogue relations in the new era and the end of August, Premier Li Keqiang has met in Beijing with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau)相关的主题文章: