Liu Zhenyun’s most important piece of work was his daughter "pit" – Sohu culture channel of the novel into a movie, in the past, almost a change to a quasi – Liu Zhenyun. The old partner Feng Xiaogang natural needless to say, the "mobile phone" of the novel characters looks vivid, insight into all sorts of social change under the heart variable side. At the moment is about to release, I am not Pan Jinlian, from overseas screenings and some of the city’s point of view of the word of mouth, is basically zero to 2016 in the year’s best domestic film to go. And this time, Liu Zhenyun’s most important piece of work, a top ten thousand sentences, was a new director shot. But even if it is that, to have taken hold, feel the highest quality, who let the director Liu Yulin is his daughter Liu. "Hengdian wind" lens without aura before the release of the film, I am still very much looking forward to this. The film production team looks quite reliable. As a result, this is typical of Liu Zhenyun won the Mao Dun prize for literature works, the text bottoming out there, Liu also personally penned a screenwriter. Secondly, Liu Yulin’s record is good, the New York University of science film. Although the young director’s debut, but she won "best film award" narrative Cech won the Oscar prize student short film unit. Third, the cast also looks reassuring. Although there is no red big actors, but Bei Liu, Wei Fan, Li Qian, you are acting solid, familiar face, kind and down to earth feeling. Results after the movie, I can only say that the word "cheating", in which the field is so logical. Liu Yulin is really hard "hole" of her father’s best work, put a good text into a mediocre idea on boring old-fashioned century 90s drama that visual sense. A first movie shoot this old couple without aura film, really disappointing. In the "top ten thousand sentences", we see the lens language is a thick "Hengdian wind", the standard of the drama of the beat and cut. In the story, all the characters and events are floating on the surface. You and Li Qian as Niu Aiguo married couples, "said," in the past ten years, become no words. No words, the husband found his wife derailed, to track, caught the evidence. Could not, tangled up, put the ball to the adulterer’s wife, the first broke out there. Another of Bei Liu’s Niu Aixiang and Wei Fan couple, from before getting married each other feel interesting, after getting married, Wei Fan said not only to find the little niece to play, all the characters are changed, the results with the language spoken. When the family ethics drama appears to be boring Liu Zhenyun novel language is excellent, "one of the top ten thousand" in the golden sentence is even more prominent in many of his novels. But the mood of the film is arranged in the situation, not the slogan shouted out. Each movie has its own difficulties, and this dilemma have been made into a common premise, how to become no words, no specific process; nothing is what kind of state is not.相关的主题文章: