Liu Hanhao car auction cited million people watching prices over 10 times or cattle – Beijing, thousands of people involved in the bidding application, over one million people watching the morning of September 25th 9, concern the case of Ambrose car network judicial auction officially started, more than a thousand people to participate in the auction, from the beginning with the "gunpowder" the crowd of millions of users online. As of the morning of 11 am, just two hours for a hurricane. The starting price of only 22 thousand yuan BMW X5 price has reached more than 220 thousand, the starting price of 47 yuan Lamborghini is out of 2 million 40 thousand yuan, while the starting price of 730 thousand yuan Rolls-Royce price has reached 3 million 80 thousand yuan. After a hurricane, bidding are slowing gradually in the afternoon. 25 at night, when the auction is the end of the regular time of 21. But in the end, many car berserk, some vehicles even delay up to 18 times, until the evening 22 when the close ended. 13 luxury cars also spend each. The results showed that the BMW X5 sold 292 thousand price, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce with 2 million 49 thousand drop hammer, the price to 3 million 201 thousand ending. The auction event just two hours over one million people watching a few days ago, Huaxi Metropolis Daily reported the Chengdu Railway Transportation Intermediate Court on the network auction Ambrose case 13 luxury cars that aroused strong concern. In the reported on the same day, hundreds of people went to Chengdu bridge vehicle storage Erxian gallery to view the car, as well as Chongqing, Yunnan and other places of the prospective owners came to the car. At the scene, a graduate student in the Chengdu woman, her father back home in Yunnan saw the red Lamborghini, special arrangements for her daughter to come to inquire about the situation. In fact, these 13 cars are almost all top luxury cars, but "cabbage price" general Qipai price really attractive: 60000 BMW X5 starting price of only 22 thousand yuan; the original price 3 million 700 thousand yuan Bentley continental life of only three years, the starting price of only 1 million 601 thousand and 125 yuan. Only 6658 km 3 million 500 thousand of the market price of the Lamborghini, the starting price of less than 500 thousand yuan. 25 on the morning of 9 began filming, the network judicial auction "feast" attracted many onlookers. Just two hours, more than one million people watching, and attention is the highest starting price of 470 thousand Lamborghini, more than 250 thousand people, others such as Bentley, Rolls-Royce and other onlookers were more than 150 thousand. Ready to shoot 180 thousand bidding "hurricane" BMW "not bid out" 7 on the morning of 25, from the time of the shooting there for two hours, Chen early sitting in front of the computer, this time he is right that a starting price of 22 thousand yuan BMW X5. "At the beginning of the auction, I signed up and paid the deposit. The starting price is so low, I expected up to about 180 thousand." Mr Chen has some ambition. 22 thousand yuan shooting, 5 minutes a fare increase, rate of increase of $500 each. Start from the 9, Mr. Chen with the tentative two times, looking at the price bar on the digital beats so fast, "(feeling than the river相关的主题文章: