Lin Chiling "my new clothes" winning "lucky star" – Sohu on Saturday night, "my new clothes" ("goddess’s new clothes", season third) broadcast on the fourth, in the "bestie afternoon tea" theme, you goddess partner designers, showing their minds and bestie together for ideal dress Street drink afternoon tea. Lin Chiling partner program second season champion designer Li Wei brought the "Hua Xianzi" series of eye-catching again won the "lucky star", and Wu Xin from behind the designer C.J.YAO full of unique personality expression of "beauty and the beast" series of clothing, once the tears in the scene, high waist pants Sui Houndstooth series is like the neck is the leg ", Zhang Li retro hair styling sexy lips stunning, Wang Likun sister and bestie Xiong Naijin both back to the scene, bursting with popularity. Lin Chiling full of fairies winning the "lucky star" Zhang Li retro short hair style sexy     Lin Chiling this week ushered in the new designer partner Li Wei, Li Wei is the second season of the program designer, see Li Wei of the moment Lin Chiling incredulously asked "are you? Is it really you? So lucky." Li Wei’s design also let Lin Chiling again on the stage showing the same beautiful, this time Lin Chiling wearing a red collar sweater, white gauze dress collocation, the embodiment of Hua Xianzi, full of fairies. He saw in the background after the ear can not help but praise, too beautiful, too beautiful." The buyers are also in Lin Chiling after the show stage show after the standing ovation, buyer Yu Lingyuan is in a Lin Chiling show, has been on the stage with his arm than the heart shape, the expression of Lin Chiling the "new clothes" of love. Lin Chiling finally deliver the goods at a price of 22 million, and again won the "lucky star".     Zhang Li this week and designer Liu Lu brought together fashion design inspiration to the film "V" shaped as a quiet and modest maiden, Zhang Li wore a black and gold mosaic collar shirt collocation black bag hip skirt, with a mane of black hair neatly collocation, red lips, retro Round Earrings debut, a complete retro other, once again, stunning the audience, while Zhang Li’s clothing also let buyers scramble. The first round of price, buyers are all over Zhang Li and set designer psychological price, the audience appeared O clan, and Zhang Li in the second round of the second round of price increases, the designer over no buyers psychological price, the audience appeared X clan, this dramatic contrast, Zhang Li suddenly playfully sing "unforgettable tonight, unforgettable tonight." Eventually Zhang Li was sold under the "new clothes".     Wu Xin "new clothes" is like "hot eyes behind the tears in the scene designer Wu Xin this week partner designer C.J.YAO, has brought to the" beauty and the beast "as the theme of the stage show, Wu Xin wearing a light green frilled blouse, dark green skirt collocation and simple pill sub head, very clean, and male dancer and soulful interpretation of beauty and the beast of love. In the bidding process, the buyer evaluation called "Jiangnan clothes up, there is hot in my eyes, it is now on the stage.相关的主题文章: