Light face or only for the performance of inventory Chinese low car car quirks difficult to buy why? Guide in the eyes of foreigners, Chinese will have many quirks in the car, or perhaps because of different regions, there are completely different values. What Chinese buy selected car habits or is eccentric, end is for their own reasons, or be forced out of the China car market?. One, performance and selection of face face! In recent years, before this BBA luxury brand entry-level models prices continue to drop, after Cadillac and Lincoln self-worth launched the "affordable" models, for ordinary people, once those luxury brands can only far view, now seems to be reachable with. From the perspective of comparative price horizontal, a low with the luxury brand models and a mid-range brand with models, the price is basically the same. This is why now Audi A4L (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Benz C (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and localization of the Infiniti Q50L (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) sales so good reasons, and the corresponding maximum evidence of this argument is that the high end brand (top distribution models, simply to sell)! No Dynamic! The price of luxury brands, so that more people have a dream into reality. Many people have the idea that, with enough budget, why don’t I go to buy a luxury brand car, that has more face. Regardless of the configuration and performance, with the same price in the end than the luxury brand models but low allocation models are much higher. Xiao Bian also here to remind you, don’t forget to keep a car in the car to do, after raising a luxury car brand of the money is not a small sum of money. A two, selected election? Select a large! Chinese car buyers have this idea is too many people, the car is a large space is the most valued car selection. Yes, the car was long and large does seem more domineering, open up on the road in the future will have a sense of superiority, when relatives and friends sitting in your car, you boast the car really spacious Dazhen when the face is not Titus has encountered. This is why so many brands in the Chinese market, must be out of the long axis version of the reasons for the car. Facts have proved that no matter what brand long axis of the model must be better than the "axis" of the models sold. Three, choose three car quirks or hatchback car? Choose the three car! This argument only talk cars, Chinese and Europeans are completely opposite, Europeans are very keen on the hatchback hatchback in Germany and France, and the three car’s proportion is 8:2. The three car in China is still the first choice for more owners, the car looks more stable, more in line with the Chinese people since ancient times, the aesthetic concept of the three. Although there are golf (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Tiida (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and other sales outstanding hatchback car, but the car market, the dominant is the three car. People are more willing to choose to have a certain relationship with face models, but also consider the security issues, the three car because of the "back" in the rear than the hatchback car more of a buffer. A four, buy new or used? Buy a new car! Second-hand car market in the past two years.相关的主题文章: