Li Yining: financial innovation model, mining more private capital in October 26th, 2016 China enterprise innovation development seminar held in Hangzhou West Hotel Investment Association, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, the famous economist Li Yining at the end of the seminar after receiving guest interview thinking. According to the interview record. Financial reform and financial regulation need to think twice: what is the path to further promote the reform of the financial system? Li Yining: financial reform, financial reform is to let the market economy can really play a leading role in the financial, because according to our the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee decision, it should let the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, finance is a special professional market alone is no good, must have very strict supervision, and according to the law as the. We all know that financial liberalization is not the so-called financial liberalization is actually the government removed, seems like a more market-oriented, the financial sector will be in disorder, a problem, a big lesson is the beginning of the 1930s, in western countries have thirty years of crisis, then all economists when summing up this process that is lack of financial supervision, and finally evolved into a financial interest from government management, full liberalization, full liberalization of capital market, speculators rampant, resulting in a big crisis. Later to the Southeast Asian financial crisis in the late 1990s, there is this situation, and then in 2008 the United States began the financial crisis is also the case. So we want to reform the financial market to play a leading role, but the government’s supervision is indispensable. Finance how to do it, one by the system, through the establishment of such a system of reform, two rely on regulation, there will be no regulatory chaos, there is no sustained. The market is the need for all the participants have reasonable expectations, if all are expected to be chaotic, people do not speak, and the bank closed down for a while, then the bank closed down, how can this do? Therefore, financial reform and financial regulation are equal. Finance can take the initiative to mining more private capital Si G: Zhejiang has a relatively developed private economy, small and micro finance is relatively developed, but private lending and underground finance is actually exist, why is there such a phenomenon of coexistence? Li Yining: there are three levels mentioned here. One is the underground financial, underground finance why can’t help to face, because there are concerns, when started, through private, may let usury, made possible price manipulation, for various reasons, do underground financial business people afraid of some past tail was caught out, he would rather put the money in the underground still, income. The second is that there is no special lending institutions for small and micro enterprises, the world is the same, big banks for large enterprises, medium banks to medium enterprises, small banks to small businesses. Small and micro businesses can not find it, even formal small businesses are still not enough, is transferred from the self-employed, so in this case, you also need to do some work on sound. What is a sound work, for example, the credit records to be complete, the records of the account to be complete, so that only. Third, in fact, it is not a passive financial, it is active, innovative financial model, the financial capital from the community to tap more capital.相关的主题文章: