Li Keqiang opened the new Montreal heart –   with ice hockey; and Canadian Prime Minister Li Keqiang Trudeau wearing a red shirt, to open a bar with the ball hockey, Montreal Canadian team kick-off. Local time on the morning of September 23rd, the two prime ministers in Montreal, Canada, the center of the home team Baer this move, immediately won the cheers of the audience. Hockey is the country’s "national ball" in Canada, Canada’s second largest city, Premier Trudeau’s hometown of Montreal, also known as the hometown of hockey". In the kick-off event before Li Keqiang in the best of spirits to put on two old players from No. 1 Jersey, jokes that he is also a member of the world championship team, also went into the ice, and the upcoming game players one clap and interact. Friendlies began, Li Keqiang and Trudeau are standing on the edge of the field, for the players to cheer. Taking into account 45 years ago in 1971, the Canadian table tennis team members had with the United States, Columbia and other countries with the players to open the "ping pong diplomacy" precedent, Premier Li Keqiang’s "ice hockey diplomacy" itinerary, more meaningful. As for the China VIP high standard courtesy, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau made a special trip from the capital Ottawa to Montreal, accompanied by Li Keqiang to attend the activities, and call the Prime Minister Lee as "my good friend". The mayor of Montreal also gave Li Keqiang the city key of Montreal to show respect and welcome to the Chinese premier. In the early days of the sixth session of the Sino Canadian economic and trade cooperation forum, the Secretary General of the Sino Canadian Trade Council in the opening speech, said the high concentration of the prime minister’s ice hockey activities just mentioned two. "We warmly welcome Premier Li Keqiang to Montreal. To our delight, Premier Lee is also a supporter of our Montreal ice hockey team." She said. There was a burst of laughter. In a subsequent speech, Li Keqiang responded: "the Secretary General said that I was a supporter of the Canadian hockey team in Montreal." A round of applause immediately interrupted his speech. After a pause, Li Keqiang added: "however, I even further than supporters, as prime minister Trudeau and I put together a" Canadian "Jersey, with kick-off, I think, I should be honorary member of Montreal ‘Canadian ice hockey team’ ”." Full Chinese, Canada business representatives of Taiwan, once again sounded a thunderous applause and cheers and laughter. It can be said that the Prime Minister of China and Canada to open not only a hockey friendly, in a more ambitious sense, but also in the new China is concerned about the new golden ten years". "I am very excited to have the opportunity to develop a good cooperative relationship with China for the benefit of future generations." Trudeau said in the forum speech. Li Keqiang said in his speech, the Canadian Prime Minister to achieve mutual visits within a month, fruitful cooperation results, indicating a bright future of bilateral friendly cooperation. The political trust between the two countries, strong economic complementarity, can expand economic and trade cooperation, can also be common in aviation Cong相关的主题文章: