Li Keqiang: Chinese talents door will open more and more – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Madelin) in September 30, foreign experts Chinese Premier Li Keqiang 30 pm in the Great Hall of the people met with government Chinese won the 2016 annual "Friendship Award" and their relatives. Li Keqiang first congratulated the award-winning foreign experts. Li Keqiang said that for a long time, foreign experts in helping China to introduce advanced technology and management experience, and promote cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries has played a unique role in making an important contribution. This year’s award-winning foreign experts, some of the long-term work in China’s central and western regions difficult, and some involved in major projects, some engaged in education and training, health care and other social undertakings. You can have the elderly, but also young people. It is helpful to promote the process of China’s modernization and the cause of world peace and development by complementing each other’s rich experience and active thinking. Li Keqiang pointed out that China’s implementation of a more open and inclusive policy of talent, the door will be more and more talent introduction. At the same time, it will create a fair and transparent market-oriented legal environment for foreign talent, intelligence to participate in the modernization of China to provide the necessary facilities. We will accelerate the simplification of procedures, the implementation of the "green card" foreigners expert certificate and certificate of employment "two card" pilot, support foreign talent declaration and participate in national scientific research projects, more strict and effective protection of intellectual property rights, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the inventor to create. Li Keqiang stressed that the Chinese and the rest of the world is the fate of the community, in promoting the process of globalization, respect the diversity of civilizations and promote sustainable development in need of mutual learning and mutual learning from each other. We hope that the foreign experts objectively introduces China, a friendly foreign ambassador, to build cross-cultural dialogue platform, enhance mutual communication, understanding and cooperation with other countries in the world Chinese. Thanks to the government China award winning foreign experts said, will cherish the honor, continue to contribute to the development of new Chinese. After the meeting, the award-winning foreign experts should be invited to attend the celebration of the 67 anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China Li Keqiang. Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli and Ma Kai attended the meeting. (end)相关的主题文章: