LETV shares fell, market capitalization has shrunk over 13, but did not weaken the burn rate in the United States has just announced the landing is LETV challenged a new wave of capital chain tension. November 4th, as of press time reporter, LETV (300104.SZ) once rushed to 150 yuan price of the stock has fallen below the $40 mark, the market value has shrunk severely. It seems that the music as a day before the outside world questioned its response to the supplier’s payment of arrears, and failed to prevent the decline in share prices. In the outside world repeatedly questioned as "capital chain tension" at the same time, LETV continue to burn rate did not abate. In addition to considering so much money from where, as the music is more important, is to make their own business in the capital market more convincing. Despite the challenges encountered in the United States just opened a big conference, but the outside of the music as the capital chain tension, the question has returned. November 3rd, the music, as the world’s about 10000000000 suppliers, said it has been refused to supply the news issued a negative response. Music, said the company’s various business lines and suppliers have maintained a good relationship of cooperation, the business is running well, there is no case of arrears of huge sums of money. Music, said at the same time, due to the huge amount of money owed to suppliers and led to the decline in the stock price rumors, there is no factual basis. About the company due to capital chain tension, start using delayed wages, stop shipments and other ways to raise cash flow for the rumors are rumors. In fact, the music has been repeatedly encounter financial aspects inquired, but the focus of each wave is not the same. In addition to the recent idea that music as sports and national security cooperation from LETV rupture took out 2 billion yuan bride price, LETV investment company Faraday electric future (Faraday Future, hereinafter referred to as FF) in the state of Nevada, $1 billion investment in the construction of the car factory had also faced down questions. But in October 25th, FF and AECOM issued a joint statement, said: FF and AECOM cooperation between the firm, we are still committed to the establishment of our future factory in northern Las Vegas." Music as stakeholders in the face of China Times reporter on the Faraday plant is currently a normal problem, said there is no relevant response. In August of this year, the music as a result of arrears of service charges in Hongkong is leading the media to court. At the same time, the capital market as the music is also sought after cooling. LETV shares in May 2015 had approached 150 yuan mark. But the record since June 3rd this year after the resumption of 60.98 yuan this year the highest price since LETV shares will never return to this vertex, and music in the United States did not allow great in strength and impetus of the conference market excited. November 2nd, the music as the stock closed at 41.01 yuan shares, plunged by 7.49%, according to the closing price of the company’s stock on the same day, a trading day down, the company’s total market value has evaporated nearly $6 billion 600 million. November 3rd, the decline continues. Music as the stock closed at 40.63 yuan shares, down by 0.93%. November 4th, as of the China Times reporter press time, LETV shares have fallen below 40 yuan. And after the resumption of the highest price of 60.98 yuan per share price?相关的主题文章: