Self restraint let the children to replace the parents reward system – Sohu mother many parents, whether at home or abroad, have love at home for children to develop a system of rewards and punishment, whether or not the child love, then do not accept, do not appreciate, the reward system will be like as chewing gum has been accompanied by they. But you know what? Although the rewards and punishments system has a temporary effect, it can not play a decisive role in the healthy growth of children. To know the child’s growth environment is decided by the parents, but their practice mostly by the children themselves to complete. Parents have the energy to think of rewards and punishments system, it is better to work hard on the child’s self-restraint ability. Famous educator Montessori long advocated abolition of the family and kindergarten in the reward system, because in the education of children, there is more effective than the reward and punishment system of education rules, that is the rules of science education. Some people will ask questions, the child has been implemented for several years of reward and punishment system, how to change? As a matter of fact, when we accept the proposal and set up scientific educational rules for the children, the rewards and punishments system will disappear. Moreover, if the child can have the right to freedom, and can well restrain himself, then he will go to the pursuit of those who can inspire and encourage his goal, or that he thought worthy goal. Dallas brother park just when I read a day in their class the next shift took place one thing for me to see. The thing is this: I went to the Restroom recess passing through their classes, each children hearty voice attracted me, makes me look around. However, there are two children in the open places of particular attention, the difference is that a child with a garland, a child standing in the corner. It is obvious that the former is rewarded and the latter is punished. I have been looking at it, because the location is a bit dark, no one noticed me. Later found, with a wreath of the child has been in the pick up toys, basically hand did not stop, he didn’t return a good toy many children played all put away; standing in the corner of the children face, or in the stands. At this time, garland fell from the child’s head, stand the child picked up, then the child said: "your garland out", the child says: "OK, I’m busy, but a punished child said:" I can take?" The child who was rewarded said: "take it with you". Then the child was sent away in the face on the big smile for a while, finally came back, he was glad to be playing with garlands, wreaths of the reward is still busy, and not because of something about garland. Therefore, for children in garland has been an easy job to do and work satisfaction, active children do not get satisfaction in garland. It’s not just kindergarten, there are a lot of things in our lives, for example, parents in the children to boast the most intelligent, but also a gift. But he didn’t want to be the smartest kid. He didn’t want to get any presents or parents.相关的主题文章: