Let the baby win in fertilized eggs, nine pre pregnancy check must be done Oh – Sohu health now we all want to have a healthy and happy baby, but baby you want good health, not only during pregnancy is very important, but pregnant girl physical examination is very important, only to have a healthy "house" Ma that can be displayed more healthy baby. In this way, the pregnancy check is particularly important. Today, dove will take everyone to look at those who need to do to check before pregnancy. Check: routine urine urine routine is used to detection of early kidney disease, pregnancy itself kidney burden will increase, if the pregnant mother in patients with kidney disease, it will have very serious consequences. Two: check the blood routine blood tests can show pregnant mother blood disease. If the pregnant girl have anemia, the baby will be susceptible to infection, low resistance, growth retardation or birth girl postpartum hemorrhage, puerperal infection and other complications. Check three: stool routine stool is mainly used to diagnose the disease of the digestive system, such as Toxoplasma gondii infection, may cause miscarriage, fetal malformation, etc.. Check four: chest X-ray fluoroscopy is the diagnosis of pregnant women lung diseases, such as tuberculosis, may have postpartum may infect the baby. Check five: a full set of gynecological endocrine gynecological endocrine disorders are mainly used to diagnose such diseases such as irregular menstruation, such as ovarian cysts, serious will lead to miscarriage, premature birth and other dangerous. Check six: liver function liver function is used to diagnose hepatitis, liver damage, etc.. If the girl is hepatitis patients, postpartum may cause neonatal death. Check seven: leucorrhea routine leucorrhea routine used to diagnose fungal, bacterial infection. The girls have sexually transmitted diseases such as pregnancy, must be pregnant again after treatment, otherwise it is easy to cause miscarriage, premature birth risk. Check eight: chromosome chromosome examination used in the diagnosis of genetic diseases, such as Turner’s syndrome. Check nine: physical examination and fertility assessment this is some of the more routine examination, but it is also very important Oh, girls do not lazy oh. Before the examination is a very important thing, like pregnancy check as important. Look at the introduction of dove, the baby is going to be a little girl to act quickly. < reading recommended > pregnant early know, quasi dad mom these checks must be less! The doctor told you: suffering from these 5 diseases, it is best not to be pregnant! Click below to read the text into the dove doctor parenting community!相关的主题文章: