Less Zhang health certificate to pay ten thousand yuan fine food safety department heavy boxing, because of a health certificate, to pay a fine of ten thousand yuan! In the two days, a penalty information issued by the Jiaxing Haining market regulator on the official WeChat has attracted the attention of many Tongxiang citizens. Yesterday, reporters learned from the Tongxiang municipal market supervision bureau, since the beginning of this year, the market supervision department has been actively taking actions to strictly regulate the catering industry’s operation order in strict accordance with the provisions of the food safety law. Under the sun’s sun, a "battle" guarding the "safety of the table" was heard in Tongcheng. "These two health certificates have been expired and must be rearranged immediately." On the morning of August 15th, the law enforcement officers of the municipal market supervision bureau made suggestions to the head of a catering unit in Qing Zhen Road, Wuzhen town. "The store has been busy in business recently, and it will be done in the afternoon." The head of the catering unit responded immediately. "The food production and management personnel engaged in the work of direct access to food shall carry out a health inspection every year, and the health certificate shall be obtained after the work." During the inspection, the law enforcement officers of the municipal market supervision bureau also explained the relevant provisions of the food safety law patiently, and further enhanced the legal consciousness of practitioners. Reporters learned that in August this year in the interview, the municipal market supervision bureau against pyramid schemes, small restaurants, food production enterprises standardized norms remediation, remediation, remediation undocumented advertising regulatory focus on the five special action started. In the regulation of small restaurants, the municipal market supervision bureau takes small restaurants, small fast-food restaurants, breakfast shops, snack bars, small drinks shops as objects of remediation, and examines the unit license publicity, tableware disinfection and indoor and outdoor environmental hygiene. For practitioners who do not conform to the prescribed requirements, the law enforcement officers have criticized education, and on the spot they have issued the notice of ordering corrections and the decision on spot administrative penalty. Heavy punches, iron wrist renovation. "According to the results of the inspection, most of the food safety work of small food and beverage units in our city is more standard." City Market Supervision Bureau of food service supervision and management department director Yan Lifen said, in the campaign, the municipal market supervision bureau of inspection of the city’s small catering organization 2401, ordered rectification 301, shutting down undocumented catering units 25, 2 investigation, summary punishment 17. "Punishment is not our goal. Rather, it is hoped that through the inspection, more food and beverage safety practitioners will be raised in Tongxiang, and it will be regulated according to the provisions of the food safety law. City Market Supervision Bureau relevant responsible person said, at present, the city has to implement the normalization of supervision of small food safety, will solve the food safety problems of small regional and trade, improve the small catering service inside and outside environment, to ensure the safety of the public dining.

少了张健康证要缴万元罚款 食品安全部门重拳出击就因为少了一张健康证,竟要缴纳万元罚款!这两天,嘉兴海宁市场监管部门在官方微信上发布的一则处罚信息吸引了众多桐乡市民的关注。昨天,记者从桐乡市市场监管局获悉,今年初以来,市场监管部门积极行动,严格按照《食品安全法》规定,进一步规范全市餐饮行业经营秩序。烈日骄阳下,一场守卫“餐桌上的安全”的“战役”在桐城大地打响。“这两张健康证已经过期了,必须马上补办。”8月15日上午,市市场监管局执法人员向乌镇镇青镇路上一家餐饮单位负责人提出整改意见。“最近店里生意比较忙,下午马上就去办。”该餐饮单位负责人当即作出了回应。“从事接触直接入口食品工作的食品生产经营人员应当每年进行健康检查,取得健康证明后方可上岗工作。”在检查中,市市场监管局执法人员还耐心地向餐饮单位从业者讲解了《食品安全法》相关规定,进一步增强从业者法制意识。记者在采访中了解到,今年8月,市市场监管局全面启动打击传销、小餐饮店规范整治、食品生产企业规范整治、无证无照经营整治、广告监管整治五大集中专项行动。在小餐饮店规范整治行动中,市市场监管局以小型餐馆、小快餐店、早餐店、小吃店、小饮品店等为整治对象,对单位证照公示、餐具消毒以及室内外环境卫生等情况进行检查。对于从业者不符合规定的行为,执法人员提出了批评教育,并当场出具了责令改正通知书和当场行政处罚决定书。重拳出击,铁腕整治。“从检查结果来看,我市大部分食小餐饮单位食品安全工作较为规范。”市市场监管局餐饮服务监督管理科负责人颜利芬介绍说,在专项行动中,市市场监管局共检查全市小餐饮机构2401家,责令整改301家,关停无证餐饮单位25家,立案查处2起,简易程序处罚17起。“进行处罚并不是我们的目的,而是希望通过检查让桐乡更多餐饮行业从业者提高对食品安全的重视,按照《食品安全法》规定规范开展经营。”市市场监管局相关负责人表示,目前,我市已落实了对小餐饮食品安全的常态化监管,将切实解决区域性和行业性的小餐饮食品安全问题,改善小餐饮内外服务环境,全力保障市民就餐安全。相关的主题文章: