Left-behind children to solve the problem, not to cancel the original title: left-behind children to solve the problem, not to cancel the author: Liu Wenjia just because statistical reduced, people worry more generalized left-behind children group, will usher in "solving", and will be cancelled". 9 million 20 thousand of the statistics are more accurate, but should not reduce the pressure to solve the problem. How many children left behind in China? The Ministry of civil affairs before the given precise Mopai result after the current national rural left-behind children for 9 million 20 thousand people, more than 90% are located in the central and Western provinces. This and has been accepted by the public, "left behind children sixty million" is too far away, it will inevitably lead to a paper on the performance of the question. The popular "61 million left-behind children", research report from a few years ago by the National Women’s federation. In addition, University experts estimate that the number of left behind children and migrant children has reached one hundred million. What is the concept of these two figures? The former means that the size of the left behind children in China and the total population of the United Kingdom, while the latter means that one in every three Chinese minors have left behind children. Therefore, if only the digital comparison, the Civil Affairs Department of statistics will certainly have left-behind children "drop fifty million" "cliff fall" perception. In fact, the sharp decline of fifty million is the difference in the statistics of the illusion. Previously, the definition of rural left behind children is the parents go out to work, less than eighteen years of age". The Ministry of civil affairs in accordance with the law for the prevention of juvenile delinquency and the "State Council on strengthening rural left-behind children care for the protection of the views of" the standard statistical age set for "under the age of sixteen, the statistical conditions set for both parents of migrant workers" or "a party to the other party of migrant workers without the ability to care" there are laws and regulations "calibration" considerations, but also makes more "on target" helping the consideration of the reality. However, the public should still be concerned about the attention of the civil affairs departments. Precisely because of the narrow statistical caliber, people are worried that the broader issue of left behind children groups, will not usher in the solution, and will be canceled". In recent years, left-behind children are abused, abandoned news infringement, drowning, traffic accident, emerge in an endless stream, the news came at Dutch act. The distant parents, thin cool human, a life of poverty, fear, may occur at any time except for bullying and — left-behind children difficult ecology, has repeatedly expressed his urgency of comprehensive treatment to solve the problem of staying, has repeatedly expressed his need for "every child" can not fall. 9 million 20 thousand of the more accurate statistics, but should not reduce the pressure to solve the problem, but can not be based on the broad sense of the left behind children and urban migrant children throw policy considerations. In addition, it is precisely because of statistical changes, people do not see from the data in recent years to solve the problem of rural left-behind children did not see the progress of the construction of new urbanization, poverty alleviation of poverty, the reform of the household registration system, Suiqian children in school, home business policies to a large extent solved the problem of Left-behind children. If the civil affairs departments hard thoroughly for nearly a year to put reform policies.相关的主题文章: