Laparoscopic Surgery Explained – Just What Is It Exactly? By: Rosario Berry | Nov 23rd 2015 – Many of you would have probably heard the term laparoscopic surgery at some point in your life and will have wondered what it is exactly. Obviously the word surgery will be known by most people and what it means but laparoscopic is not quite so easy to figure out. Tags: Obesity And Laparoscopic Gastric Banding A Few Facts By: kalpesh kumar | Jun 24th 2014 – The Laparoscopic gastric banding surgery is one of the popular methods of laparoscopic approach to weight loss. It entails the placing of an adjustable band around your stomach to reduce it. Tags: Use Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy To Get Back To Shape Within A Short Time By: kalpesh kumar | May 21st 2014 – Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is a process in which the stomach is made 25% of its original size. It involves the removal of a significant portion of the organ. In fact, the removal of the part of the stomach helps to change the shape of the stomach, which appears like a tube or a sleeve. Tags: Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Tips By: Amy Adison | Apr 21st 2014 – Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy is a weight loss surgery suggested by doctors to patients who are highly obese and are suffering from certain health issues like diabetes 2, heart problem etc. Tags: Bariatric And Laparoscopic Surgery In India By: Amy Adison | Mar 17th 2014 – Obesity is an issue of concern worldwide because the fat stored in the body not only reduces daily work potential but it also comes along with certain severe health issues which include heart trouble and diabetes. Tags: Laparoscopic Surgery And Cost Of Laparoscopic Surgery In India By: Kirti S | Oct 24th 2013 – Laparoscopic surgery also known as surgery with minimal cuts, this surgery is performed by Obesity Doctors with the help of laparoscope along with multiple fibre made thin long instruments and a video camera. Tags: The Principal Instrument In Laparoscopic Surgery In Uae Is The Use Of A Laparoscope. By: lawn | Oct 22nd 2013 – The principal instrument in laparoscopic surgery in UAE is the use of a laparoscope. There are two types, namely, telescopic rod lens system, which is usually connected to a video camera or a digital laparoscope where the charge-coupled device is placed at the end of the laparoscope, eliminating the rod lens system. Tags: Difference Between Surgery And Laparoscopic Surgery By: Ashish | Oct 18th 2013 – Most of the people know what surgery is but they are not aware what laparoscopic surgery is. There is a slight difference between both of them. Surgery is operation that is operated on any patients suffering from some diseases but laparoscopic is not any type of surgery operated on any patients. Tags: Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Going For Laparoscopic Cancer Surgery By: Dr M Usha Kumar | Oct 9th 2013 – Laparoscopic surgery is an extremely specialized procedure performed by certified surgeons only. It is best suited for those who don"��t like to undergo prolonged recovery times. Since it requires such dexterous practitioners. Tags: Basic Idea About Laparoscopic Surgery By: Kirti S | Oct 3rd 2013 – Laparoscopic Endometriosis is a process which is one of the most controversial topics of medical sciences. Laparoscopic surgery carried out in the pelvic region has various advantages over the traditional method of open surgery. Tags: Pros And Cons Of Laparoscopic Surgery For Weight Loss By: Kirti S | Aug 18th 2013 – Laparoscopy is more technically advanced process than open surgeries. It ensures little loss of blood during surgery and normally the patient has speedier recovery. Tags: Laparoscopic Surgery India- What You Should Know By: kirti saxenas | Jul 3rd 2013 – The entire scope of Laparoscopic surgery today has evolved. It primarily concerned with gynecological surgery earlier. With the advancement of science, Laparoscopic surgery is now considered to be a highly advanced technique for the treatment of abdomen while formerly the same surgical technique was used for attending to ga … Tags: About Laparoscopic Surgery For Endometriosis By: Dr M Usha Kumar | Jun 9th 2013 – For women who are not responding to other medical treatment forms, laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis is recommended. Amongst the most common form of surgeries for curing endometriosis, laparoscopy ranks very high. Tags: Laparoscopic Surgery India Popular With Western Patients By: Hima Bindu | May 21st 2013 – India has made great progress in becoming one of the favorite destinations for offering world class medical treatment. Medical tourism has become the new trend in India. People from across the globe, especially from the US, UK and EU nations are visiting India to receive medical treatment and surgeries. Tags: Laparoscopic Surgery Can Be A Great Way To Lose That Extra Fat By: Hima Bindu | Feb 18th 2013 – Obesity is not a major disease in itself, yet it can cause some of the most dreadful diseases. Hence, people are becoming more and more concerned and conscious about the ill effects of this problem. Tags: Easy Laparoscopic Surgery For A Flat Tummy By: swetha | Dec 16th 2012 – As a process of fighting obesity, several ways are being introduced. These include medicines, following regular exercise regime, diet control and so on. Apart from these, the process of going through a surgery has also gained ground. Tags: History Of Laparoscopic Surgery By: Ramesh | Dec 10th 2012 – Georg kelling, Saxony, of Dresden, performed the first laparoscopic surgery procedure on the Dogs in 1902 an in the 1910 Hans Christian Jacobaeus of Swede reported the first laparoscopic. After ensuring several decades, numerous individuals refined and popularized the approach further for laparoscopy. The introduction of th … Tags: Ovarian Cyst Surgery By: Cameron Jacquet | Apr 23rd 2012 – Ovarian cyst surgery – Laparoscopic surgery and laparotomy surgery Ovarian cyst surgery is generally necessary when there are complications involved. This can be as a result of cyst expanding too big and leading to severe pain, becoming ruptured or twisting which also leads to a lot of pain. Tags: A Look Into Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgery By: Grote Campbell | Oct 13th 2011 – Pediatric surgery is a sub-specialty of the surgical division with a special emphasis on understanding the need and process of specialized surgical procedures for fetuses, infants, children, adolescents and young adults. Tags: Understanding The Risks Of Laparoscopic Surgery By: Shilpika Ponnappa | Aug 11th 2011 – Understanding the risks of laparoscopy is necessary. Knowing the complications can give you an understanding of how important it is to find a proper surgeon for the procedure. Tags: Laparoscopy For Endometriosis And Infertility Egg Collection By: Jennifer Stone | Aug 10th 2011 – Laparoscopy is the procedure which uses the instrument called laparoscope, which has a light and a camera attached to it at the end, which helps the physician to monitor the happenings inside the operation site in detail. The laparoscopic procedure is used for various treatments like endometriosis and egg collection for pre … Tags: Laparoscopy "�" Technology Of Videosurgery By: scheer med | May 17th 2011 – Laparoscopy is the modern surgical technique which has made it very easy to have a look inside the body. It gives the doctor eyes to see inside the body and tells the true tale of the condition inside. Tags: Know More About Laparoscopy By: laparoscopic surgery | May 4th 2011 – The term laparoscopy may sound like some medical scanning process to a laymen but it is actually a test which is done by inserting a camera in the body to inspect the problem or perform the surgery. Tags: Know About Laparoscopic Surgery By: laparoscopic surgery | May 2nd 2011 – A latest surgical method which involves making small cuts which are not more than 1.5 cm, for performing the operation of the abdomen in human beings; is called laparoscopic surgery. This kind of surgery is also called keyhole surgery. Tags: Know About Laparoscopic Process By: laparoscopic surgery | Apr 17th 2011 – The process of laparoscopic endometriosis is a very well known option for the people who require some kind of surgery and also for any kind of diagnosis. Endometriosis has always been a big topic of controversy. Tags: Preparing For Laparoscopic Surgery By: Karen Williams | Jan 26th 2011 – If you need to undergo surgery to remove your uterus, for correcting colon problems or for any other reason, it is today better to opt for laparoscopic surgery than traditional surgery. This is because laparoscopy is faster, more efficient and requires less downtime than traditional surgery. Here are some tips for preparing … Tags: Complicated Laparoscopic Surgery And The Professional Kansas City Surgeon By: Surgery KC | Nov 27th 2010 – If you are a resident of Kansas City and need a detail on the laparoscopic surgery, then you have the right material with you right now. Here you can get al the information regarding the surgery as well as the data of Kansas City surgeon. Tags: Medical Traveler Rates Foreign Facility Top-notch By: johnson author | Aug 16th 2010 – These days, like many medical patients looking for more affordable and experience treatment than she could find at home, Daisy decided, after researching her options on PlacidWay, an international medical provider and resource, to choose Dr. Osama Badran, a world renowned laparoscopic gynecology surgeon to perform her lapar … Tags: World Laparoscopy Hospital The Institute Of Laparoscopic Surgery By: Mark Stjean | Aug 13th 2010 – Laparoscopy is now the essential skill require for every surgeon and gynaecologists. Laparoscopy started first in the Private Institutions by three groups of surgeons Tags: State-of-the-art Laparoscopic Surgery In Jordan By: johnson author | Jul 12th 2010 – Dr. Osama Badran, a world-renowned laparoscopic gynecology surgical expert, offers state of the art laparoscopic surgery at his facilities in Jordan. Tags: Affordable Laparoscopic Solutions In Mexico By: Rajiv Kumar | May 12th 2010 – Laparoscopic Solutions is a laparoscopic surgical center located in Coahuila, Mexico. Specializing in laparoscopic gallbladder removal, laparoscopic inguinal and incisional hernia repair. Tags: For Texas Bariatric Surgery Patients Scarring From Lap Band Procedures Could Be A Thing Of The Past By: Dr. Sashi Ganta | Mar 3rd 2010 – Techniques in bariatric surgery being pioneered in Texas now make it possible for many patients to have lap band surgery with no visible scarring. Traditional techniques for lap band surgical procedures required five incisions in the upper abdomen, the longest being about two inches. More recently, the single incision lapar … Tags: The Process Of Colon Cancer Surgery By: sumit.gurg | Oct 21st 2009 – The Resection surgery is a major surgery and requires the surgeon to enter the abdomen through a large incision in the abdominal wall. The section of the colon or rectum which is diseased is removed along with the lymph nodes and some parts of the healthy colon. Tags: The Causes Of Rectal Prolapse By: sumit.gurg | Oct 21st 2009 – It is well known that though hemorrhoids are common they are always not the real cause of rectal prolapse. After some time the muscles and ligaments become too weak to hold the rectum at place. Tags: The Advantages Of Laparoscopic Surgery By: sumit.gurg | Oct 21st 2009 – Though the surgery may take a little longer time than that of an open surgery, the hospital stay is less. At the most the patient has to stay in the hospital for three days after the operation. Tags: The Process Of Colon Surgery By: sumit.gurg | Oct 21st 2009 – Surgery is done to remove a section of the colon. This is done after making a incision in the abdomen down the middle. The surgeon then cuts out the diseased portion of the colon after isolating it from the surrounding organs and then removed. Tags: The Ups And Downs Of Using A Lapband For Weight Loss By: Art Gib | Sep 25th 2009 – An alternative for gastric bypass surgery is the laparoscopic surgery. In this procedure, a lapband is placed around the stomach so as to slow the flow of food to the lower portion of the stomach, and cause the full stomach sensation to be sent to the brain earlier. Tags: U.s. Laparoscopic Devices Market Expected To Touch $2.8 Billion By The End Of 2009 By: P J Submitter | Feb 8th 2009 – For the Laparoscopic surgery, the Laparoscopic devices have made it more simpler to perform. Now with the increasing demand, the Laparoscopic devices are being produce in greater number and rate keeps on increasing as they provide great advantages. Tags: Laparoscopy Hospital By: Dr. Sadhana | Oct 12th 2008 – Laparoscopy Hospital located in New Delhi, India is known worldwide for its continual research in laparoscopic surgery. This method of surgery has become increasingly popular due to techniques that are termed minimally invasive.�"’ What this means to the patient is that the trauma to the body is drastically reduced fro … Tags: Helping Your Daughter Undergo A Laparoscopic Surgery Endometriosis Procedure By: Shelley Ross | May 3rd 2007 – Although endometriosis most commonly affects women who are between 25 and 30 years of age, some documented cases of endometriosis report patients as young as 11 years old being affected. If your daughter is unlucky enough to be one of the rare few suffering from endometriosis at an early age, you should know that laparoscop … Tags: The Downside Of The Laparoscopic Weight-loss Surgery By: Tisha Diaz | Mar 31st 2007 – Laparoscopic weight loss surgery is usually a procedure that is employed for severe obesity. However, many people also ask their physicians about this procedure purely for vanity purposes. Let us look at the downside of laparoscopic weight-loss surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is a minimal invasive surgical pr … Tags: Weight Loss Surgery: The Sure Way To Reduce Weight By: Ashish Jain | Nov 27th 2006 – Excessive weight gain is one such problem that may pave the way for string of diseases. Its extreme form is known as obesity that requires immediate care and attention. In order to curb obesity or reduce weight you can adopt various ways. And one such way of shedding weight is surgery. This surgical operation … Tags: Laparoscopic Surgery – The Adjustable Gastric Band By: Donald Saunders | Nov 1st 2006 – Gastric banding is a relatively new form of weight loss surgery first pioneered in Sweden in 1985 with the band being designed initially to be fitted using open surgery. The first laparoscopic surgery for the insertion of a gastric band was performed in France in 2000 and a year later in 2001 the Food and Drug Administratio … Tags: Gastric Bypass – The Advantages Of Laparoscopic Surgery By: Donald Saunders | May 8th 2006 – Gastric bypass surgery is the most often carried out operation for weight loss in the USA with more or less 140,000 operations being done in 2005 Dating back more than 50 years, a lot of surgeons have grown up with gastric bypass surgery and possess a very effective understanding of both its risks and benefits. Tags: gastric bypass, laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, weight loss surgery, obesity Abdominal Surgery By: Jack Smith | Feb 21st 2006 – Abdominal surgery broadly involves the opening up of the abdomen. There are several abdominal organs (such as the stomach, liver, intestines etc) and the surgery of each is dealt with differently. The three most common abdominal surgeries are described below: Tags: 相关的主题文章: