Kunming Xishan to goof police say "no" can be dismissed dismissed Beijing – "within the area of responsibility for the masses appear prevarication, procrastination, not exceeding a specified time limit of 5 points; have not received the police visit or not in place 3 points; the police, the police is not standardized, do not slow down the police 5 to 10 points……" According to the results of the assessment, mixed days of the police will face a clear tone, dismissal or expulsion. The reform is not difficult, the difficulty is determined, from July this year to develop the "Kunming Xishan Public Security Bureau police gang trial management regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations" to try "), with the Kunming Xishan Public Security Bureau staff management appraisal score measures" (hereinafter referred to "evaluation score measures"). Xishan Public Security Bureau police strictly make new regulations "dawdle" police have no place to hide. Mixed days nobody cares? Now people can not say "iron rice bowl" is to cultivate the "cold" and "irresponsible" hotbed. "Simple usurpation of cases due to unclear duties, so lead to rapid processing; the police because the response is not timely, make people dissatisfied with the police alarm……" In May this year, a report by the Xishan Public Security Bureau Commission for Discipline Inspection and the political supervision room led investigation report on comprehensive Bureau 110 command center and 21 police station police visit, summary to the Xishan Public Security Bureau members of the various committees of the hands. The report pointed out that in the first half of this year, Xishan Public Security Bureau 80% police have strong sense of responsibility, execution, but there are 18% police working conditions, discount, perennial sick, not in the state, and even 2% of the negative work. These 20% people, directly affects the whole performance state of Xishan Public Security team. Xishan Branch Party committee through the internal system, the dropon "dawdle" police really did not, in other words, as long as you don’t make a big mistake, even "dawdle", also won’t lose their jobs. Mixed police how to manage?" After investigation of brewing, Xishan Public Security Bureau "evaluation score method" "the regulations" promulgated the implementation of posts, 69 cases score directed at the decree, police orders are not smooth, lazy, police discipline loose daily small mistakes". According to the "evaluation score method", "have not received the police visit or not in place" to score, "the case out of the scene" to score, "the service object playing privileges, not to give the benefits do not work, give the benefits of random things" to score…… The police performance and promotion and score directly linked to the score accumulated to a certain degree, the police will be removed from the current position to accept the test post exchange, repeated trial Gang failed, the police involved will be canceled before the year-end assessment, even in the face of clear, dismissed or dismissed. Try "disgraceful"? Make a turnaround over the past 1 months, from negative to positive, from the bottom to the first, the first branch of Xishan try the mechanism of 10 early adopters, mostly to adapt to the new position, Wang, Lee is one of them. Wang, Lao Li Shigang unit is the Horse Street police station, patrol, handling disputes, criminal investigation is their daily work. Ma Street police station area of 14.65 square kilometers, there are 17 schools, the construction site of the 9, 8相关的主题文章: